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Allan 2004 Campaign Recieves Miraculous Sign

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    This description might sound hokey. Please read, it may be one of the most sobering as well as encouraging things you have ever read. The angels have placed
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
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      This description might sound hokey.  Please read, it may be one of the most sobering as well as encouraging things you have ever read.  The angels have placed their stamp on this campaign, now, and from the beginning of time.
      • New Testament Word Definition 398 Typo 398 Days Before the Election - Another validation that the race by Sterling D. Allan for the Presidency in 2004 is foreordained.  Also features a strong link to the U.S.-leadership conspiracy behind September 11. (Sept. 30, 2003)

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      New Testament Word Definition 398 Typo 398 Days Before the Election

      Another validation that the race by Sterling D. Allan for the Presidency in 2004 is foreordained, as well as a strong link to the U.S.-leadership conspiracy behind September 11.


      A Follow-up Alphabetics Miracle Confirming the Write-up:



      by Sterling D. Allan
      Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 2003


      On the evening of Sept. 30, 2003 after I sent out the announcement to my mailing lists that I'm running for President in 2004, including the posting of my study regarding Sterling D. Allan for U.S. President 2004 Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code, I went to www.politics1.com to inform them that they can add my name to the list of candidates.

      There, they have a counter on their site that tells the number of days left until the election.

      That day (Sept. 30), it read "Only 398 days until election day -- November 2, 2004."

      Screen Grab Sept. 30 2003

      click for higher resolution version


      Just for grins, I thought I'd look up the number 398 using Alphabetics.

      When I went to Zodhiates NT Lexicon, to my astonishment, there was no word definition numbered 398. It lists word 397 and 399, and even lists 398 in the heading of the page where it should go, but no definition with the heading 398.  Upon closer inspection I could see that two or three lines had been deleted from the beginning of the definition, including the number and Greek word.

      I've never seen a typo like this in Zodhiates before.  I don't think I've ever seen a single typo in his New Testament lexicon.  His work is fastidiously done.

      This is obviously an inadvertent mistake.  I have found that when it comes to codes and hidden meanings, things like this are where some of the best stuff is to be found.  It's like the angels bumped someone's arm when they were editing that page prior to publication, just so something like this could happen -- an angelic dog-earing of the page.

      Here is what does appear for that definition (quoting it as it appears):

      anaphainoma, to be shown, appear openly (Luke 19:11; Acts 21:3; Sept.: Job 11:18).
        Syn: optanomai and optomai (3700), to allow oneself to be seen.
        Ant.: krupto (2928), to conceal; apokrupto (613), to keep secret; egkrupto (1470), to hide in something as leaven hidden in meal (Matt. 13:33); perikrupto (4032), to hide by placing something around; kalupto (2572), to cover; lanthano (2990), to escape notice, to be hidden from.

      398 typo (entry heading missing) on p. 166 Zodhiates

      word 397 completes on bottom of p. 166 Zodhiates

      top of p. 165 Zodhiates; heading shows 397 is last word

      Those angels who orchestrate these things certainly do have a sense of humor.  What a perfectly paradoxical definition for a word whose heading and first line or two or three are accidentally left out of the lexicon!

      Fittingly, the last antonym listed is word 2990: "to escape notice, to be hidden from."

      The gory punch line is that word 2990 is defined on page 911 of Zodhiates which is one of many write-ups showing prophecies about September 11, 2003 in Alphabetics Bible code and other sources.  It is one of several indexes that expose the conspiracy behind that event, showing that it was masterminded by Establishment factions including individuals within the U.S. Government, pointing even to George W. Bush as complicit.  With that in mind, this little typo takes an incredibly deep tone -- to the abyss of how precariously our nation hangs on the precipice of destruction, that things like this are taking place and most citizens don't even have a clue what men in high office are doing to sell our freedoms for a global police state controlled by them.

      James Strong, in his Concordance dictionary, gives the meaning for word 398 in the New Testament Greek as being: "to show, i.e. appear, or have pointed out: should appear, discover."

      That certainly matches the idea of what the Alphabetics code does in general: it uncovers that which is hidden.

      Strong gives the etymology for word 398 as deriving from words 303 and 5316.

      303 was both the area code and the last three digits of the zip code in Boulder Colorado where I was born and raised.

      Word 400 follows at the bottom of the column where word 398 goes.  400 North was the street number in Manti where my wife and I first lived after getting married.

      Our house number was 165, which is the page number of the page prior in Zodhiates where word definition 397 ends.  397 was my Post Office Box number that I got in Springville Utah while living in Mapleton, prior to moving to Manti.

      The first synonym for word 397 is listed as word 1625, which number is the last four digits of our phone number when we moved to Manti.

      Word 395 is also on the page.  That was the house number of where I lived in Mapleton -- on 1600 South.  That hearkens to the address of the Whitehouse: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

      All of these numbers on page 165 -- 393, 394, 395, 396, 397 -- correspond the number of days before the November 2004 election, during which I was composing the study Sterling D. Allan for President 2004 Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code.

      What are the chances that the only such error in all of Zodhiates NT lexicon would happen to be the word number that corresponds to the number of days before the Nov. 2, 2004 election at the time I completed my write-up on the Alphabetics code commentary on my run for the Presidency, and then posted for the first time publicly my intention to run, along with a link to that study; and that the definition for that word would be so suitable to the idea of an omitted word that serves as a marker of a code discovered?  Try and run the math on those odds.

      Word 396, just two words before word 398, gives the definition: "to subvert, overturn," which matches the theme of the idea of a surprise victory and is the very word from Ezekiel 21:27 that I quoted at the beginning of the write-up as a direct prophecy that I believed epitomized what the code was revealing.

      Word 396 gives as its first synonym word 665, which is the house address of David Skousen, who has emailed me twice today (Oct. 1) in response to my posting of the announcement that I'm running for president.  It was his email about Shebna, word 5532, and "president," sent to me on Feb. 2, 2002 (2/2/2002) spurred my write-up on that subject on that same day, touching on Isaiah 22:22.  And it was that write-up that I pulled out last week which catalyzing the bulk of the discoveries I made regarding Alphabetics commentary on the idea of my running for the Presidency, and which helped spur me to go ahead and run, rather than wait until I'm older, more experience, etc.

      Since the time I began this www.greaterthings.com website in 1998, David Skousen has been the most responsive of any of my associates in terms of providing a reply to just about everything I send out, giving his comments, noting any disagreements, providing encouragement, or rebuke.  A Google search of his comments that I've posted to my website tally 121 at the time of this writing.

      Here is his first email to me today:

      From: "David Skousen" <davids@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2003 10:25 AM
      Subject: Re: [remnantsaints] [FLASH] I'm running for President of theUnited States

          Sterling, I am quite shocked at this news. I don't see the purpose of your effort, for the hearts of the people are the problem. They don't want candidates with your standards. And you wouldn't want the job anyway, knowing what is REALLY going on behind the scenes. You would be dead in 6 months, just as dead as the 60+ witnesses to Clinton's crimes because they could depose a president.

         The Lord chooses our leaders based on conditions and His foreknowledge. Unless the Lord calls you to run, I would run away, instead, and support a team that will educate all who will listen.

          Remember that the Evil One " shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints. . . ." (Daniel 7:25) And again, "...it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all...nations." (Rev. 13:7) That is how God is calling it. The horror of it all will humble the good'hearts of mankind, and the rest will probably kill each other, or otherwise be removed in preparation for the Remnant's restititution of the world. Let us spend our efforts for the long haul, because we will eventually win. but not today.


      My Reply to David
      From: "Sterling D. Allan" <sterlingda@...>
      To: "David Skousen" <davids@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2003 11:26 AM
      Subject: Re: [remnantsaints] [FLASH] I'm running for President of theUnited States

      I am almost positive that you did not read the document "...foretold in alphabetics..."

      Please do so.  I think you will change your mind.

      David's Response
      From: "David Skousen" <davids@...>
      To: "Sterling D. Allan" <sterlingda@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2003 3:20 PM
      Subject: Re: [remnantsaints] [FLASH] I'm running for President oftheUnited States

          Yes, I responded before reading your alphabetics email. But I do not change my mind, for the whole fabric of alphabetics is based on physical signs rather than a spiritual witness. I think coincidents and correlations do come up and are exciting, but it is too flimsy a foundation. God may be in it, but He has not communicated that to me, for when I've asked, I receive a stupor of thought. It is a deception, and a royal one of great complexity. Alphabetics leaves the real issues begging for answers.

          Anyone acquainted with the prophecies knows there is a linear progression and certain things must take place before the righteous are rescued and finally asked to rule the world. Things must continue to get worse on the world scene, but the Lord's secret, tiny army is simultaneously growing in power. They are invisible, for the most part, a protection to them. They don't run for President unless it is their calling to be Nebuchadnezzar, who, after all, was called by the Lord, "my servant."

          With friendly, brotherly good wishes, as always,


      Sterling's Response
      From: "Sterling D. Allan" <sterlingda@...>
      To: "David Skousen" <davids@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2003 6:02 PM
      Subject: Re: [remnantsaints] [FLASH] I'm running for President oftheUnited States
      Hi David,

      I cannot ascribe to "deception" the intricacy of the code and the strength of the correlations.

      Ironically, it was a write-up I did on an email from you (Shebna, 5532, president) that was a major catalyst in turning my attention to the many discoveries I subsequently made last week as a result.

      It's your fault.  Just kidding.

      Did you see: http://www.greaterthings.com/Word-Number/

      The prophecies are a "probable future" guideline for us to make a choice as a people; and yes, most of the time we mess up just like they predict we will.  But the Johan/Nineveh phenomenon can also come into play.

      There is a whole gamut from zero destruction because of 100% repentance, all the way to 100% destruction because of 0 repentance.

      The Lord's remnant don't just survive as the left over percentage, the most valiant of them are actually doing all they can to make that percentage as high as possible.


      I wonder what David will say after reading this.

      APPENDIX A: The Announcement Sent to My Mailing Lists:

      I'm hoping some of you might be interested in helping in the campaign.  I hope all of you will vote for me, even if it means a write-in if I'm not able to get on the ballot in time in your state.  Either way, please read the overview document in full.  It's a bit long (took me a couple of days to write it), but I think you will find it worth your while.  This is going to take a lot of work.  I honestly believe we could have a victory.  We will need to assemble not just a campaign team, but a cabinet as well.


      APPENDIX B: Relevant Timing Evidence

      allan2004.com was registered on Sept. 30, 2003

      screen grab from Whois database

      This can be verified by using a Whois registrar database of your choice.


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