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Natural treatment for SARS

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      For your information.

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      SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - A team of Doctors well-known for their research in
      alternative medicine and emerging diseases has developed an effective
      treatment for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) utilizing a
      little-known antidote to coronavirus. According to the Doctors, coronavirus
      can be successfully treated with methanolic extracts of two berry bushes
      common to British Columbia and the northwestern states - Amelanchier
      alnifolia and Rosa nutkana - both members of the Rosaceae family of plants.

      Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard-trained, internationally-known expert in
      public health and emerging diseases and Dr. Joseph Puleo, a leading
      naturopathic physician and a founding member of the World Natural Health
      Organization (www.wnho.net) developed the treatment from findings originally
      made in 1995. Esteemed Canadian botanist Dr. Neil Towers, Professor
      Emeritus at the University of British Columbia pioneered the decade-old
      study that proved Rosacaea plants could overcome coronavirus infections in
      cell cultures, a system far more sensitive to toxicity than living

      Doctors Horowitz and Puleo advanced Dr, Towers' studies by adding two
      additional natural ingredients and have named the new treatment the "Urbani
      SARS Formula." The name recognizes Italian communicable disease expert Dr.
      Carlo Urbani, one of the disease's earliest victims. Dr Urbani, who
      received a Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work with Doctors Without
      Borders, died in Thailand after contracting the disease while caring for

      While the Doctors cannot make "cure" claims due to variations between
      individuals and FDA restrictions, they profess that the ingredients in the
      Urbani SARS Formula are time-tested, inexpensive, readily available and well
      proven against the bovine coronavirus and other respiratory pathogens. Dr.
      Puleo saw rapid improvement among patients who presented in March with
      SARS-like symptoms at the Natural Health Research Clinic he directs in
      Sandpoint, Idaho.

      The primary ingredients in the proprietary Urbani SARS Formula are extremely
      hard to acquire in freshly harvested lots, which are required for maximum
      strength and effectiveness. The ingredients include:

      Lomatium dissectum root extract - This has been known for centuries to have
      potent anti-microbial uses and to be useful as an immuno-stimulant. It also
      protects cells from another pathogen, the Rotavirus, which is a common cause
      of dysentery. SARS has been linked to symptoms of dysentery in a significant
      number of cases. It was used by Native Americans as a food and as a medicine
      for treatment of Tuberculosis and other lung infections. It has been used
      effectively in the treatment of bronchitis and pneumonia.

      Devil's Club (Oplopanax horridus) - This is best known as an immune-boosting
      "adaptogen" that mitigates the effect of stress throughout the body. It
      also functions as an expectorant and mucous secretion stimulator when
      prescribed for respiratory infections. Native Americans have long used
      Devil's Club to help heal insulin-resistant type II diabetes. Dr. Puleo
      explains that most SARS victims have ongoing blood sugar and
      immune-suppressive problems that give viral infections the edge over natural

      The Rosaceae (Amelanchier ainifolia and Rosa nutkana or Saskatoons - These
      berries are a naturally-occurring edible fruit once used by Native Americans
      for stomach problems and for maternal recovery after childbirth. In 1995 it
      was demonstrated that extracts from these berries were very active against

      Xylitol Sugar - Xylitol is a relatively new weapon in the war against
      infectious diseases. This five-carbon sugar was largely unappreciated
      before WW II sugar shortages brought it to attention. Researchers in Finland
      determined that a 5% solution of Xylitol reduced 68% of Strep and Pneumonia
      bacteria attachments and 50% of flu viruses. Small amounts of Xylitol are
      made naturally in the body, which means it does not have the problems
      associated with man-made antibiotics. Bacteria do not develop a resistance
      to Xylitol and cannot introduce mutating strains to overcome its

      The Doctors and Puleo have granted worldwide distribution rights of the
      Urbani SARS Formula to World Natural Cures, LLC, a firm directed by Mr, John
      Mills. Mr. Mills can be contacted at 1-800-336-9266 or via e-mail at
      john@.... The product is available in four formulations,
      including the Extra Strength Tincture, the Standard Urbani SARS Formula, the
      Extra Strength Homeopathic, and a nasal spray. The first three are
      prescribed the same way: "Apply nine drops under the tongue three times per
      day for up to nine days." Because the proprietary formulas are not toxic in
      the manufactured amounts, the dosage does not have to be reduced for
      children, although the homeopathic remedy is especially recommended for
      young children and infants. Costs for the two-ounce bottles are extremely
      reasonable compared to the risky antiviral drugs and steroids currently
      prescribed for SARS. The products may be ordered at
      www.HealthyWorldDistributing.com or by calling toll-free at 1-888-!
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