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How I Ended Up With the Address 666 South

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  • Sterling D. Allan
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      How I Ended Up With the Address 666 South

      Known most for his index of studies on 666, Sterling Allan ironically ends up getting the address 666 South -- hopefully as an opposite manifestation!

      Sterling & Cheri Allan
      666 South 60 East
      Ephraim, Utah 84627


      The Story of How it Happened

      by Sterling D. Allan
      August 5, 2001

      My wife and I recently moved from an upstairs apartment at Temple Hill Resort, where we were helping with the management of that RV park and campground.   We now live in a beautiful home that has surpassed our expectations in nearly every regard.  Here is the story of how we came upon the home and how we decided to take the address 666 when offered a choice because the Post Office recommended that the previous address of 664 would get confused with another house two streets down by that number.

      On Saturday, July 7, 2001, we decided to look into getting a home so our monthly payments would not be going down the rent drain.  The next day, we went house hunting, just looking around.   Our favorite one was a two story stucco home in Ephraim on the south end of town.

      The next day we made an appointment to look at the home and decided that this was the one we wanted, and thus commenced the process of purchasing the home.  My parents were willing to go in on the investment because my credit-earnings ratio was not sufficient to get the home myself.  We are confident the home will have a positive resell value when that time comes.

      Anyway, during this process, I was taken back when I discovered the address of the home:  664 South 60 E.  That is awfully close to 666!

      We closed on the house on July 30 and began moving in that evening.  In the process of getting utilities and such set up, I was informed by the postmaster, who lives kitty-corner behind us, that we ought to change our address so as to avoid confusion with another house two streets down that has the same address.  Earlier that day, I met the person who lives there, Ron Par, with his family.  It turns out that it was because of a book I handed him as a stranger in a copy center back in 1990 called "Shadows of Power" by James Perloff that  he 'woke up' to the reality that things are not the way they seem in the world, but that there is a conspiracy to establish world socialist government, and that its advocates are found in every segment of society, including the churches.  He was a student at BYU studying Political Science, and because of that book, his life changed dramatically.  The very reason he lives down here is in part do to that change of outlook.

      As the postmaster told me the range of numbers that would work (664-670), I jokingly told him that "666 is out of the question!"  I told him to go ahead and assign us 668.

      But then, that evening, I got to thinking about it, and realized that we have a great opportunity here.  I have learned in my studies of words and numbers that virtually every word and number has a given meaning and then an opposite meaning.  "Lucifer" and "Messiah" both have an ASCII code value of 767, for example. {write-up}  As another example, word 666 in the New Testament Lexicon means "absence."  It's antonym is "coming" and refers both to (1) the coming of Christ and (2) the coming of the man of sin. (See word 3952, which Zodhiates lists as the sole antonym for word 666.)

      What better way to illustrate this idea of opposites in a vivid way and to claim the opposite meaning than to have the address 666!

      As I retired to bed, pulling out the scriptures for a verse to memorize for the day, I turned to the 666th chapter of the Bible, which is Ecclesiastes 7, which starts out, "A good name is better than precious ointment."

      Upon contacting the postmaster the next morning (Saturday Aug. 4), I found out he had not yet processed our change.  I told him to hold on it, and that we would let him know on Monday.

      What is so paradoxically perfect about this is that for a couple of years now, the Index of Studies on 666 has been the most popular page at greaterthings.com that I administer.

      When I brought up this idea with my wife, at first she responded as I initially did -- "Why would we want to do that!?"  But then, as I talked to her more about it, she could see the merits of it, and she could see that it was important to me -- the word-number man -- and she did not mind.

      In our conversation, she brought up something about Ephraim, which jogged my memory that the heading "Ephraim" in the LDS Bible Dictionary is on page 666.   I've known about this correlation for a several years, and have seen it as a perfect commentary on how modern Ephraim, specifically the Caucasian LDS people, are playing into the hands of the Socialist New World Order Beast by not understanding the issues and therefore succumbing by default; but, on the other hand, that a remnant from among them will awake, arise, and put on strength in helping to throw off the Satanic yoke.   Having the heading "Ephraim" on page 666 simultaneously conveys both of these ideas, for good and for evil.

      By choosing the address 666 South 60 East in Ephraim, our hope is to help promote the positive manifestation of this number -- building up the kingdom of God in opposition to the kingdom of the devil.

      One of the serendipitous events in the course of our move is that on August 2, 2001, I posted a message to David's Outcasts called "The True Name of God," written by Maximusfunk@... and posted to the Greater Things message board.  It ended up being message number 6666, which is reminiscent of 666 S. 60 E.


      More Reflections on 666 E.

      I wrote the following on August 4, 2001 in a follow-up email message to my parents explaining why I wanted to have this address.

      This morning, as I looked up page 666 in the LDS TG, I peeked at page 668 and saw that there are two headings one after another on that page that match verbatim the two definitions that fall on page 668 of Zodhiates that I was looking at last night.

      Word 2096 of Zodhiates (NT lexicon) is the proper name Eve. Word 2097 EUAGGELLIZO means "To evangelize, proclaim the good news, preach the gospel."

      Another heading on page 668 of the LDS TG is "Exodus, Book of." Word 668 in the NT Lexicon, APOPHEUGO, means "To flee away from, escape." The heading "Exorcist" is also on page 668 LDS TG.

      Page 666 of Zodhiates has the following interesting definition explanation:

      2090 HETOIMAZO To prepare, make ready. (I) Particularly the way of a king as was customary for oriental kings in their journeys; metaphorically of the Messiah; of a place, dwelling; of hospitality or lodging. (II) Of God as having His counsels prepared good or evil for men, i.e., to destine, appoint.

      Its that last part of that definition that first drew my interest in this context of there being a positive and negative meaning for every word and number. I thought it interesting that it mentions "Good or Evil."

      Seeing these very strong correlations, we have increased faith that there is a supernatural hand involved in setting these things down the way they are.

      That said, let's look at the next word definition on page 666 of Zodhiates.

      2091 HETOIMASIA Preparation or a basis, foundation, firm footing.

      It is used in Ephesians 6:11 "to take the whole armor of God that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day . . . your feet shod with the PREPARATION of the gospel of peace."

      So, I rest my case that 666 does not just mean "the Beast" but also conveys its antithesis.



      More Reflections

      Also on page 666 of the LDS Bible Dictionary is the heading "Epistles."  Fittingly, the primary project that I have embarked upon since deciding to move, and which will be a major focus in the foreseeable future is Greater Things Magazine, a monthly hard copy periodical along with web version due for debut in October, 2001.

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