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(Alt. Utilities) Waste to Energy by Ion Dissociation with no Pollution

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  • Sterling D. Allan
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2002
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      Waste to Energy by Ion Dissociation, with no Pollution

      Call for Investors

      Press Release
      May 1, 2002

      by Welton Meyers and Sterling D. Allan


      Creative Energy Systems at Ontario Recycling announces the development of a Closed Loop Waste to Energy System, which will transmute all waste, garbage, sewage, municipal, industrial, medical and even old tires into low cost electricity with no emissions or leeching to the environment.

      The inventors, coordinators and developers are seeking private placement funding participation to complete a facility in the Monroe County Area. Much of the technology is proprietary, or committed on a non-disclosure basis, given only to those who have an ability to participate and who contract to the same terms and conditions.

      This will allow "We the People" to handle our trash, without land filling or creating ground water pollution, and at the same time generating low cost electricity without spewing out coal or oil smoke to cause acid rain or other global warming effects. This closed loop approach will provide absolutely clean electricity for approximately 3.5 to 4 cents per Kilowatt, provided the average tipping fees of $45 per ton for waste is available.

      The process entails bombarding the waste matter with an ion curtain, causes the bonding of the molecules to break, making it go from a solid state to a gas state, which is then burned or turned into oil.  The burning route is done in a jet-like engine, combined with the insertion of water to absorb any particulate matter, and the water turning to steam helps drive a generator, producing around 13 megawatts of electricity per hour, assuming 10 tons of waste per hour input.  Three megawatts goes into processing, leaving 10 megawatts available for sale.  No chimney is necessary.  Exhaust from turbines is in a liquid state, encapsulated in water, and separated into individual elements form through a series of frequency resin filters, where they can be recycled.

      Investors get 1.8% return on their invested money per month.  After production, investors share 20% of the profits.

      Related Technologies to be financed include converting existing coal-based generating systems so that they produce twice the amount of electricity and no stack emissions.

      For those who wish to participate in cleaning up this planet and making a better, safer world, with low cost clean electricity, e-mail us at ontario1@... or call Welt Meyers or Bob Cherry at 716-328-4253.

      Ontario Recycling, Inc.
      12 Cairn Street
      Rochester, NY 14611

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