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Experiment upon the Word -- Finding Treasures in the Parallels

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    New page at GreaterThings website Experiment upon the Word Finding Treasures in the Parallels http://www.greaterthings.com/Parallels/Commentary/experiment.htm
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2001
      New page at GreaterThings website
      Experiment upon the Word
      Finding Treasures in the Parallels
      Dean (and whoever),
      I've been meaning to get back to you on what you said regarding the II Nephi Huge Parallel.
      You said that as you looked at it you did not think many of the matches were matches at all -- very loose at best.
      Might I propose to you that one has to immerse himself in this with faith that there is something there in order to begin seeing it.  The Lord has blessed (burdened) me with a gift in this regard.
      Consider the possibility that you have not been patient or believing enough with it to see what is there.
      I would propose the following experiment to illustrate this principle.
      Find a segment of parallel text where I have provided commentary.  Don't read the commentary just yet, but note the scripture text being covered.  Then go to the raw parallel, minus my commentary, and read through it.  You will see that your inclination is to think there is nothing there.  Now go back and read it again, this time more slowly.  Rather than approaching it as if I am the author, for which you have little faith that there is something of significant worth, approach it instead as if you were looking for gems of insight with faith that the Lord has hidden them on purpose with the intention of them being found by those who seek them.  Ponder over a parallel asking yourself, "what does this point have to do with the matching point?"  Ponder until something comes to you.  And realize that even then, there will likely be additional insight that will come to you about it as you mull it over even more.  Go to the next one, and do the same thing.
      As you do this in faith, believing God has purposely hidden things there for you to find, and believing that he will reveal them to you as you seek them in faith, I promise you that you will see some wonderful insights that you have never considered before.  I can make this promise with full confidence because I've seen this happen so many times.  It is a wonderful experience, and draws you closer to the Lord and to an understanding of his will for us as his children both individually and collectively.
      There are many ways that scriptures can serve as a tool for a person receiving revelations directly from the Lord.  This is one of the best methods I have found.  Perhaps it is easier for me because I the Lord has given me a gift in this regard.  But still, I am confident that this tool can be a blessing in the lives of others as well -- and that it is intended to do just that.
      As a conclusion to this experiment, go to my commentary and read what I have had to say regarding the correlations.  If you have done as I recommended above, I hope you are more satisfied with what you came up on your own than with what I have come up with.  Things are so much more meaningful when they have come to you directly.  Perhaps there will be a point or two that I bring out that you might not of thought of on your own at the time that you will find of value as well.  But I bet you will have seen things that I missed too  -- or maybe I saw some of them too, but did not put it in writing because, after all, one can only record so much, and words are so inadequate sometimes for conveying impressions given by the spirit.  Even then, because your gifts are different from mine, and your life experiences have been different, I am confident that you will see things that I did not; and that I would be blessed if you were to share what you saw in the correlations.
      If, perchance, you were lazy in following the first set of instructions for this experiment, and you did not see much in the parallel when you attempted it on your own; then I hope that as you read my commentary that you will be more convinced that there is something and that you need to try it again.  If so, go to another parallel; and this time do the experiment with increased faith that it will produce positive results.  You will be rewarded accordingly.
      A list of texts for which I have done commentary is found at
      In that index, for each listing of a segment for which I've done commentary, there is a hyperlink labeled "this excerpt."  If you click on that, it will take you to the raw text.  Also, the specific region of text is noted as well, so you know where to start and where to end.
      Give it a shot and see if you still draw the conclusion that there is nothing of substance there.  I am confident that if you follow the above instructions with sincere intent that you will not be disappointed, nor will I.
      Sterling D. Allan

      Parallel Excerpts with Commentary

      The following is an index of parallel excerpts for which commentaries have been written, compiled here for the purpose of the experiment proposed above.

      2 Nephi 25:23 in parallel to 2 Nephi 7:2 which is Isaiah 50:2
      1. Excerpt
      2. Commentary
      Isaiah 28:2-3  in parallel to II Nephi 28:16-19
      1. Excerpt
      2. Commentary
      Isaiah 28:7  in parallel to II Nephi 28:21-23
      1. Excerpt
      2. Commentary
      Isaiah 28:16  in parallel to II Nephi 28:32
      1. Excerpt
      2. Commentary
      II Nephi 10:4-6  in parallel to II Nephi 28:14-15
      1. Excerpt
      2. Commentary
      II Nephi 6:8-18  in parallel to II Nephi 25:10-20
      1. Excerpt
      2. Commentary
      II Nephi 2:19-29  in parallel to II Nephi 18:12-19:3
      1. Excerpt
      2. Commentary


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