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843Complaint about Disqus: Lascivious Ads

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  • Sterling Allan
    Mar 18 8:09 AM
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      Hi Stuart,
      Would you mind figuring out what the proper contact is and forward this to the appropriate place?

      After writing this, I've decided to amp up the complaint, posting it as an open letter at

      Could you find the best place I can send people to show their support? An email address, phone number, complaint line, etc?

      To whom it may concern at Disqus,

      (Note that I've included a few thousand awakened individuals in this correspondence, to show that I'm serious about this.)
      We've been using your comments feature for about three years, and have enjoyed its functionality, enabling a discussion capability for our sites that previously did not have such a capability. I see that many high-level sites also use Disqus. Congratulations on becoming so successful.
      In the past few months, you've added some features at the bottom that link to other sites and services.
      Unfortunately, many of the images that show up are of a lustful nature.
      As a lust addict, I don't appreciate this, because one of the tools of recovery is to avoid such things. And I can't very well avoid it when its on my very own sites that I frequent.
      If you were an advertiser, I would remove you from my site immediately.
      However, given all the benefit I get from Disqus, I'm not ready to just remove you -- until I fund a suitable alternative, and as of yet, I don't know of one.
      Yes, sex sells, but for reasons that do no lead to good karma.
      I urge you to consider softening your approach in this regard. Don't use lust-based images.
      As long as you do, I will be urging my discussion moderator to be on the lookout for an alternative service, with the likelihood that we will be abandoning Disqus, not withstanding its benefits.

      My next step will probably be to launch a petition drive to get a bunch of signatures to show public support for this sentiment. Yes, there are likely to be some snarky comments by those who enjoy the smut, but overall, I expect that the overwhelming sentiment will be in line with my views.
      Heads up, I ran a petition drive starting in 2002 to draft Ron Paul to run for President in 2004, which he eventually declined -- for that election cycle.
      I am good a birdogging good things. Don't ignore me.
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