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834Landmark presentation on 10/10 will be streamed live: Exotic Free Energy in Encoded Prophecy

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  • Sterling Allan
    Oct 9, 2013
      On a scale of 1-10, of all the presentations I've ever given, I would say that tomorrow is likely to be the most significant yet.
      Scheduled for 11 am Mountain time. Will be streamed live:
      TITLE: Exotic Free Energy in Encoded Prophecy

      In considering end-times prophecy, most people would come up blank if asked if there are any prophecies about the emergence of exotic free energy technologies. If it is going to have the transformative value on the world that we expect, you would think that it would get prominent coverage. Why doesn't it?

      It turns out that there is a very significant Bible prophecy about it, placing it not only in a prominent position but spotlighted as a key element of the coming transformation of society, tying into Isaiah 52 and the American Revolution in significance. Though encoded until now, once you use the code, it becomes blatantly clear.

      We are involved not only in a winning cause, but a profoundly important endeavor near the pinnacle of scriptural importance
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