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828Jim Harmston dies of heart attack

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  • Sterling Allan
    Jun 27, 2013
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      here's a page I posted a long time ago about him:
      see also:

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      Jim Harmston of the True and Living church of Jesus Christ of Saints
      of the Last Days, (TLC) died this afternoon of a heart attack at the
      Mt. Pleasant hospital. So, since he was God, (or so say his
      followers) that means that God is now officially dead or at least
      Jimgod is now dead. One more devil bites the dust. Let's all have a
      moment of silence, ok, moment is over. Can you tell that I don't like
      the guy. He seriously damaged my family and was partly responsible
      for my two boys committing suicide so I am going to go and do my
      little river dance now out in the road.