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823Odometry -- info wanted

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  • Sterling Allan
    Mar 17, 2013

      I've created a new index page about what I affectionately call "odometry" in reference to the intentional meaning behind the noticing of the lining up of digits in displays, such as odometers, clocks, and other numeric displays.

      I'd like some suggestions on some good links to include on the page.

      Those of you who are very knowledgeable on this, maybe you could give me a
      synopsis of the meanings of numbers 0 through 9?
      Also, maybe you can send me some links to some good online resources about the meanings of number digits.
      Here is the text I've posted so far:

      by Sterling D. Allan
      Pure Energy Systems News
      March 17, 2013

      "Odometry" is a name I coined in around 1993 (at least I've never heard anyone else use the terminology) in reference to the intentional meaning behind the noticing of the lining up of digits in displays, such as odometers, clocks, and other numeric displays.

      Such line-ups occur routinely in such displays (e.g. nearly every hour on a clock), and for some reason, you just happened to glance at the display during the minute when the line-up occurred.

      It can also be the noticing of such line-ups of digits in random displays such as license plates or randomly-generated urls. I once saw a phone number on a billboard that was nearly all 3s, right after having a major paradigm shift in a conversation with friends down in Brazil.

      The point is that the chances of you just happening to glace at the display, with the digits lined up, usually goes far beyond simple coincidence. Some higher power (call them angels, God, intuition) seemed to have been involved your looking when you did, though the thought to look usually seems totally natural. We look at clocks to note what time it is. We look at the dashboard to note our speed, and sometimes glance at the odometer to see how far we've gone, etc.

      Generally speaking, as a bottom line, such noticing of digit line-ups has a feeling of being special somehow. Someone out there in the unseen world of spiritual existence is involved in your life. Also, generally speaking, I like to see such line-ups as being kind of like seeing a road sign on the road that confirms that you're on the right road, though sometimes the timing of such line-ups seems to be coaxing me in a different direction: time to turn from this road, to this other one.

      However, I would NOT recommend using odometry as the ONLY source of input and guidance in your life, though it certainly should be factored and weighed.

      The most important guide is your conscience. Follow that, always.

      These other tools are just ways of helping you weigh options or receive validation for decisions made, or just a pat on the back for no reason at all other than for your angels to check in and say "Hi." A friendly poke from heaven.

      The purpose for this index page is to provide you with some resources to help you gain more meaning from odometry, and possibly increase your ability to be guided by angels (be sure to keep in touch with conscience, so you don't violate goodness).

      Might there be more meaning?

      We all know (those of you who have read this far) that numbers and alphabet letters have esoteric meaning. It has to do with resonance or harmonics.

      Maybe it is significant that the lined-up digits are "4". So you ask yourself, "What does 4 mean in this context?" Maybe the angels waking you up to look at the clock at 4:44 isn't because you are supposed to wake up then, but because you are supposed to apply the meaning of "4" to a situation in your life. Maybe looking at the clock at 4:43 means something like "not quite at 4 yet, there is something that needs to be done to get there." Likewise, maybe 3:34 could mean something like: "You're going a bit overboard, need to tone it down" [to get to the essence of "3" in this situation].

      It's harder to feel confident in ascribing numeric meaning to an odometer lined up 555,555.5 since that one took half a million miles to get to that line up; than it is to ascribe numeric meaning to looking at a clock at 5:55, a line-up that happens twice a day. However, the specialness of noticing the 555555.5 line-up is far more significant than looking at a clock at 5:55. Parking as planned, and the odometer just happening to be lined up, is also extra special. I don't know how the angles pull off stuff like that, but they do. It's easy to imagine how they could get you to glance at the clock during the minute that is lined up for 11:11. But getting the odometer lined up on 77777 when you park in your driveway -- that takes a lot more interaction and planning on their part. I've had ones like that (line-up of 5 or more odometer digits when parked at home) about three times in my life.

      The bottom line is that if you pay attention to these things, and don't just ignore them, then it can open up another method of communication between you and the angles watching over you, even if it is the just "pat on the back" sense. And if you pay attention and ask the question about meaning, there is a law of heaven that says: "Ask and ye shall receive."

      We hope this resource can help you increase your ability to accurately interpret the meaning intended by your angels in such interactions. The language of odometry.

      What does this have to do with exotic free energy? It is a tool for us mavericks to use to be more effective as agents for heaven on earth, to bring about this better world that the emergence of free energy technologies will help bring about. It can be lonely for us as mavericks who society in general does not understand or appreciate. Having a pat on the back from heaven can be the nudge we need to push through when no other encouragement is around.

      Also, in not too long from now, the counter at the home page here at PESWiki is going to hit 9,999,999. We'll run a contest to see who can get a screen grab of that when it happens.

      Let me know if you know of some good resources we could list here on this page to help guide people in the meaning of number digits.