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Organizing for Liberty

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  • Jon Roland
    Organizing for Liberty Jon Roland A great many people are concerned about the state of our country today, with its serious violations of constitutions, both
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2008
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      Organizing for Liberty

      Jon Roland

      A great many people are concerned about the state of our country today, with its serious violations of constitutions, both national and state. Some have joined email lists or blogs, or formed Meetup or Facebook groups, or posted videos on YouTube or Google Video, or conducted election campaigns, or litigated, or written books. But we are still too disorganized to be effective.

      There is still a piece missing, and that has now been provided. The Constitutional Compliance Meetup Alliance.

      Here are the steps recommended for all concerned patriots:

      1. Go to meetup.com and either find a local group that is a good fit for your concerns, or establish a new one. Choose as the topics “United States Constitution” and “Constitutionalist”, as these are presently the closest ones available. (More have been proposed and may be available shortly.) Choose a name that will attract members. You can always change it later. Adopt a program of activities to attract members and recruit as many as you can. Work on your neighbors, door to door if necessary.

      2. Go to the Constitution Society website for ideas on projects and topics of discussion.

      3. Once you have at least 4 members, join the Constitutional Compliance Meetup Alliance, and use it to share resources and help people contact others of like mind. Also join the associated listserv.

      4. Also form a local organizer meetup group for allied groups in the local area.

      5. Encourage groups all over the country to join the Alliance. Publicize it and this effort widely.

      6. As each group gains in understanding, develop action plans that can be carried out by each group using only its own resources, and for which there is some way to measure progress. This is initially likely to be something local, involving city or country government. As the group gains success, move up to state level projects.

      7. Share information and assistance with other nearby groups. Organize regionally. Hold joint meetings uniting diverse groups on common projects. They don't have to agree on anything but that project. The important thing is to develop patterns of cooperation.

      8. Some of the projects can include electing officials to local, state, or national office. The candidates don't have to be perfect. The important thing is to build organizing skills and contacts.

      9. Other projects could include lobbying, litigating, investigation, public education, or militia training. Be on the lookout for targets of opportunity. Don't attempt things that are beyond the resources or skills of the group, but work to acquire those resources and skills by practicing them.

      10. As the Alliance becomes more dense, begin to conduct the various branches of the movement like other movements of history that have been successful.

      In this as in other movements there are two main pitfalls. The first is to just sit around and talk, and never actually do anything to change the situation, no matter how small. The second is to try to take on too much and get discouraged when that doesn't work.

      Always keep in mind that neither you as an individual, nor your local group, can change everything. But you can change something. You can't do things that are beyond the resources and skills of your group, but you can do things that are, and you can build on small successes to grow resources and skills, and activate more groups. Learn how to brainstorm, and never end a meeting without taking at least some small action step. Remember, we didn't get into this predicament overnight, and won't get out of it quickly or without pain or setbacks. We are up against a lot of people who work diligently day and night to undermine our rights, and it will take diligent work by all of us to overcome that.

      Constitution Society 2900 W Anderson Ln C-200-322, Austin, TX 78757
      512/299-5001   www.constitution.org  jon.roland@...
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