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More on Palin's "troopergate"

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  • Jon Roland
    Forwarded message from metro_k_attys@yahoo.com ------ Here are some of the important facts about Troopergate that the press are unlikely to tell you: 1. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2008
      Forwarded message from metro_k_attys@... ------

      Here are some of the important facts about "Troopergate" that the press
      are unlikely to tell you:

      1. The trooper was never fired.

      2. Palin sent private e-mails to the public safety director -
      complaining about the trooper - BEFORE she was Governor.

      3. The Alaskan legislature has no authority to compel testimony by
      executive branch employees about executive decision-making. It's called
      the deliberative process privilege. The executive branch has an ethics
      review process - that Palin has started. The Alaskan legislature can
      investigate, but they cannot substitute their investigation for that
      provided by law - which is to take place in the executive branch.

      4. The person in charge of the Alaskan legislative investigation - a
      Democrat - has bragged that he would produce an "October surprise."

      5. The trooper's conduct was egregious. That is, Palin was RIGHT right
      to complain about him. This is probably a perfect example of the "good
      old boy network" - troopers covering for other troopers who do bad
      things. As you correctly note, this trooper made death threats against
      Palin's family, tasered his stepson, and drank beer in a police car - to
      list just the most egregious examples. Suppose Gov. Palin had said this
      trooper - with these bad acts - should NOT be fired? There'd be screams
      of bloody murder for her "nepotism."

      6. The obvious point, of course, is that if the press devoted this level
      of attention and investigatory resources on: (a) Obama's work with
      domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, (b) Obama's loss of $110 million down a
      rat hole when he was in charge of the Annenberg Challenge in Chicago,
      and/or (c) Biden's multiple instances of plagiarism ... then we probably
      wouldn't even have Obama as the Democratic nominee - or Biden as his
      running mate.

      7. As Governor, Palin had the right to fire the public safety director
      for any reason or no reason. He served at her pleasure. She fired him
      for failing to hire more troopers quickly enough and for not being a
      team-player on the budget. These are legitimate bases for his dismissal
      (indeed - she need not give any reason). The legislature has no
      authority to look behind her executive decision-making process - no more
      than she has the right to "investigate" a legislator's - or judge's -
      decision-making process.

      The public is rightly disgusted with the press' obvious double-standard
      in reporting on the two campaigns.


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