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Will you believe what this out of control Prosecutor Said...

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  • People Against Prison Abuse
    This was written statement on GRITS by PAPA in response to this district attorney s statement.Hopefully others will voice their opinions and get this criminal
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2011
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      This was written statement on GRITS by PAPA in response to this district attorney's statement.Hopefully others will voice their opinions and get this criminal out of office: link to the GRITS posting enabling reading of the entire post:
      Boy this guy really lives in a world of injustices, maybe he created the problem and doesn't want to pay the price for his wrongs.This statement says a lot more than what is written here because Williamson County is known all over Texas for the Corruption, guru wrongful convictions, and excessive charges and time to prison.He is outright saying it is okay to corrupt the justice system, to not to uphold The Constitution/Bill of Rights that HE takes an Oath to do so. Hopefully the Williamson County Voting Taxpayers have seen this statement and get this criminal out of office by voting him out (how many taxpayer dollars has he cost the county in wrongful prosectuions, prison cost, jail cost, legal fees not to mention the numerous lives he has destroyed.) He is more corrupt if not more so than those he prosecute!He is supposed to uphold the law, not promote injustices.what he said... "John Bradley, the district attorney for Williamson County near Austin, said taking criminal steps against prosecutors, even when they intentionally withhold evidence, is a "ridiculous step" and an "overreaction".Williamson County Voters, Taxpayers, take this crook out of office! He needs to go home so he has times to do some soul searching.Pass the puke bucket.Judges need to be hired on there education and job performance, apply for the job, no more appointments, no more ladder sliding into a judge job from the prosecutors office/district attorney/attorney general.Get a degree in judgeship then hire out is the best way to shut down the prosecutorial misconduct.If you have been a District Attorney you cannot hold a judge job, it is not "FOR SALE".Ask the District Attorney how many cases this year were plea bargains and how many went to trial, this will reveal a lot to the voters who care about the wrongs of the criminal justice system and the voters that want the courts returned to upholding the Constitution/Bill of Rights.Fair game time is over, the voting taxpaying citizens are sick of the out of control monster America Industrial Prison System that has been created to destroy lives, families, and excessive taxing dollars to support "The INJUSTICES" of out of control mafia guru gangster politicos,legislators,public officials,law enforcers, attorneys, judges, prosecutors, district attorneys,they should be prosecuted under the RICCO ACT for organized crime it calls for life in prison.
      11/25/2011 06:08:54 AM

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