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Fw: Invitation to the Bob Schulz meetings in Austin Mar. 8-10

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  • Jon Roland
    Please spread this around. ... The following is a copy of the invitation sent by Art Groveman (Ron Paul Grassroots) to Ron Paul Supporters inviting them to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2008
      Please spread this around.

      -------- Original Message --------

      The following is a copy of the invitation sent by Art Groveman (Ron Paul Grassroots) to Ron Paul Supporters inviting them to today’s meeting in Tampa .


      Attached is a flyer advertising the meetings in Austin .


      Thank you for your assistance.


      Bob Schulz


      Dear Ron Paul Meetup Members, Friends and Associates

      Bob Schulz, Chairman of the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc.

      Please accept my invitation to attend a Special Event in Clearwater tomorrow, March 1st, for complete details Go to:  <www.forum.w4sp.com 


      Good comes from bad. Now is not the time to be deflated or depressed about Ron Paul’s inability to convince the Party loyalists of the soundness of the planks of his platform. His message has resonated with many, many People.


      The message is not about the messenger. It’s about the Constitution. The Constitution must be restored, but the Constitution can’t defend itself. It sits on your shelf. Freedom is a fragile thing, very tenuous. Once lost, it can’t be recovered.  Every generation must do its part to protect, preserve and enhance our Rights, Liberties and Freedoms.  


      The Revolution continues. The issues at the heart of Ron Paul’s campaign (abuse of the war powers, money, tax and privacy clauses of the Constitution, to name a few) must be raised to the next level, pro-actively, non-violently and by a critical mass (to borrow M. Ghandi’s and Martin Luther King’s formula for success when up against unjust and uncivil laws and government and entitled to reform).


      There is an Plan to advance the Revolution to the next phase. The Plan and the logic behind it will be presented tomorrow in Clearwater , Florida by Bob Schulz, Chairman of the We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc.

      See you at the Special Event in Clearwater tomorrow March 1st. For complete details Go to: <www.forum.w4sp.com
      If you cannot  attend this event tomorrow please 
      <Sign the Petitions For Redress of Grievances


                              The Revolution: Phase II
                                                          The Iraq War
                                                        Domestic spying
                                           The privately owned Federal Reserve
                                              Direct taxes on individual labor
         Computerized Voting                                                            Unanswered 9-11 Questions
                                                     Illegal immigration
         National ID Cards/RFID                                                             Jury Nullification denied
                                                   Disarming the People
         Executive Orders/Powers                                                         Seizures of Private Property
         The “Welfare State”                                                                 U.S. Dollar Debasement
                                             The North American Union (NAU)
                                    These are not political issues.
            These are Constitutional crimes against the People!
       The Constitution cannot defend itself: The People must do it!
           Thankfully, the Constitution includes a powerful, but little-
          known clause to directly hold the government accountable.
               This “capstone Right” - the protector of all other Rights -
                         is the Right the government hopes you’ll never
                                      learn about, much less exercise.
                                                                 It’s time to stand in defense of the Constitution
         Come learn about the profound legal tool
                                                                 and learn what the last ten words of the First
         provided by our Founders that can restore
                                                                 Amendment really mean.
         Constitutional Order without electing
         a single politician or firing a single musket.
                                                                 The Right to Petition is not about Free Speech.
         Learn the historical context and original               It’s not about protesting everyday “political”
         intent of the little-known Right to Petition            questions. It’s the most powerful weapon in law
         for Redress of Grievances that could quickly            the People possess to enforce our Constitution
         force our government to fix virtually every             and secure our unalienable Rights.
         violation against the Constitution.
                                                                 It’s time to organize to exercise this Right!
                Let’s join together to reclaim our Rights & Liberties!
                                       The Revolution continues...
                                                                        (4) meetings! — same Austin location!
                                  Brave New Books
                                                                        Saturday, March 8, 7-9 PM
                                       1904 Guadalupe
                                                                        Sunday, March 9, 1-3 PM + again at 4-6 PM
                                      Austin, TX 78705
      GiveMeLiberty.org                                                 Monday, March 10, 2-4 PM
                                          (512) 480-2503
      2458 Ridge Road
                                    Featured Speaker: Bob Schulz, Chairman, We The People Congress
      Queensbury, NY 12804

      Constitution Society      7793 Burnet Road #37, Austin, TX 78757
      512/299-5001   www.constitution.org  jon.roland@...
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