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  • Jon Roland
    Jan 4 2:34 PM

      Here is a spreadsheet of results as of 01/04/09:

      Questions posted on change.govForAgainstPercentPurpose
      Are you willing to support a new judicial jurisdiction to enable grand juries to investigate and expose the potentially dangerous practices of organizations too large or well-connected to fail, and not just enforce regulations for past abuses?961983Constitutional method to prevent bubbles that can wreck the economy.
      On vote fraud: Are you willing to support legislation requiring voter-verifiable paper trail balloting in congressional elections?891586Prevent vote counting fraud.
      Are you willing to support the opening of grand juries to investigate complaints of private citizens and issue indictments to them to conduct private criminal prosecutions, especially in cases of official misconduct?771881Using grand juries to hold officials accountable.
      Are you willing to end "civil forfeiture" without conviction of a crime, which has become a major source of corruption and abuse by officials?741484Return to original standard of due process.
      Are you willing to support the return to the original standard of due process, set out in Stettinius v. United States, 22 F. Cas. 1322 (1839); 5 Cranch C.C. 573, to argue all issues of law before the jury?1087061Return to original standard of due process.
      Are you willing to support a system of solar power satellites as a major alternative to the use of fossil fuels, and make the U.S. the provider of energy for the world?834963Way to achieve energy independence.
      Are you willing to support laws to have redistricting done at random by impersonal computer programs without undue influence by politicians on how districts are drawn, either to favor some factions or protect incumbents?713070http://www.constitution.org/reform/us/tx/redistrict/cnpr.htm
      Are you willing to support as a 9th Amendment right the right to the means to supervise public servants by opening public operations and reporting on all operations, revenues, and expenditures?441180http://www.constitution.org/9ll/schol/pnur.htm
      Are you willing to treat the "necessary and proper" clause of the Constitution as authorizing nothing but what it takes to administer other powers, to make an effort, and not anything convenient to get a desired result?482467Correct one source of federal usurpation.
      Are you willing to institute a sortition system to randomly assign judges to cases from among a large pool of candidates, to make the judiciary more independent and less susceptible to political pressure or cronyism?34685Help make judicial decisions less political.
      Are you willing to repeal the unconstitutional federal "income" tax on wages, which are equal exchanges for labor and not income, and recognize that the "income tax amendment" was never actually ratified?452267Remove major source of corruption and abuse.
      Are you willing to reform judicial practice to reduce stare decisis to treat precedents as only persuasive and not binding, so that precedents do not become amendments to the Constitution, or wander like drunken sailors?614955Return judicial decisions to Constitution.
      Are you willing to support repeal of all federal criminal legislation unconstitutionally alleged to be authorized by the "commerce clause" of the Constitution, which does not authorize criminal penalties?421672Correct one source of federal usurpation.
      Are you willing to repeal the unconstitutional statutes making federal reserve notes or other debt instruments legal tender on state territory, instead of gold or silver coin, or support legal tender on other hard basis?492665Remove major source of corruption and abuse.
      Are you willing to pressure Pakistan to divest itself of its ungovernable tribal areas so that they could be subjected to UN-sanctioned intervention and administration without infringing on Pakistani sovereignty?473657Enable defeat of major source of terrorism and risk that it might gain control of nuclear weapons.
      Are you willing to support judicial rules that require, for any case of law enforcement, that there be strict proof of authority by an unbroken logical chain of derivation from the applicable constitution, U.S. or state?26974Return judicial decisions to Constitution.
      Are you willing to treat nonstate terrorism as piracy -- warlike acts by nonstate actors -- and require either a congressional declaration or war or letters of marque and reprisal for warlike acts, by anyone?281467Correct one source of federal usurpation.
      Are you willing to repeal federal funding of "child abuse prevention", "restraining order", "juvenile detention", and other programs that divide the money among local cronies, drive abuses, and corrupt judicial process?444549Remove major source of corruption and abuse.
      Are you willing to propose a multi-state solution in the Israel-Palestine region that does not require the Palestinians be able to effectively control all their people, but deals with Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the West Bank settlers separately?404348Alternative solution to Israeli-Palestine conflict.
      Are you willing to support legislation and court decisions to recognize the 9th Amendment right to a presumption of nonauthority of those claiming authority, and making writs of quo warranto accessible to citizens?17481http://www.constitution.org/9ll/schol/pnur.htm
      Are you willing to support an amendment providing that citizens of territories ceded to federal jurisdictions under Art. I Sec. 8 Cl. 17 remain citizens of the ceding states for purposes of voting in federal elections?373849Voting rights for DC citizens without making DC a state.
      Are you willing to restrict federal funding of medical care to the constitutional areas of either enabling citizens to be more effective in militia, or for infirmities incurred from militia or military service?14670Put federal funding of medical care on a constitutional basis.
      Are you willing to restrict federal education funding to support only training that is needed to make students more effective in militia, and to cover defense, law enforcement, and disaster response?153133Put federal funding of education on a constitutional basis.
      Are you willing to resurrect the constitutional militia system envisioned by the Founders, and organize, train, and equip all able-bodied citizens to defend against invasion, lawbreaking, terrorism, and disasters?7912938Return to constitutional compliance, defend against terrorism and crime.

      This is not a scientific poll. Indeed,k the questions are biased, and provide an example of what would be push polling if done by phone. I asked friends to vote for my questions, and some of them did, but obviously not very many. So we do see mostly votes from Democrats, and especially Obama supporters, since the request for participation was mainly sent to those on his email list. It should also be noted that the numbers of votes either way is small. Some of the questions submitted got more than 4000 votes. Most of those were, frankly, rather silly. Most were highly partisan and vindictive. But among the people who did take the time to find and vote one can see some patterns that are instructive for our efforts to educate the public. For example, the question about informing juries got large numbers of votes both for and against, as did the question on resurrecting the militia system. Other questions got strong support and little opposition that might seem surprising from a population of mostly liberal democrats. That may point to opportunities.


      Instructions on how to do this:
      1. Go to change.gov
      2. Register (you don't have to disclose your real name.)
      3. Click on Open Questions
      4. Enter "constitutional compliance" in the search field and click on the button
      5. When you find a question from "Jon Roland" click on it to get all questions from me (24 of them so far)
      6. Vote for all of mine
      7. Go back to the results of the search on "constitution" and vote for any of
      the questions you like, or against any you don't like.
      8. Then you can ask your own questions. It's fun to see what kinds of votes you get.
      -- Jon
      Constitution Society 2900 W Anderson Ln C-200-322, Austin, TX 78757
      512/299-5001    www.constitution.org    jon.roland@...
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