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47All States - Request For 30 Seconds Of Your Time (Potentially Benefiting Justice For All)

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  • ahs@swissmail.org
    Aug 4, 2008
                  Dear Advocate of Rule of Law and The Constitution In Courts

      Your support is requested on a project to benefit the rule of law and justice for all and set an example. Doing the minimum (2 or 3 below) would take no more than 30 seconds of your time.
      It does NOT matter which state you are in.

      A Petition For Impeachment of a judge (Rex  L. Reed) and its supporting Notice of Felony and (solid) evidence of his criminal actions have been filed with the Indiana House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, et al.. In and by itself, it should be sufficient by the laws and constitutions of Indiana and US for the said committee to file Articles of Impeachment to the Indiana Senate for the judge's trial and impeachment. However, politics and "brethren" judges and lawyers bonding being what they are, you are being asked to support the Petition for Impeachment by bringing to bear additional pressure upon the said members by contacting them.

      The more pressure we put on them (especially on this election year) to act, the more likely they will take action against crooked judges. And if one judge is tried by the Senate, the rest would think twice before they violate our rights in their courts irrespective of where your state or town is. They will know that we would take concerted action against them.

      1- For this purpose I am including a concise "Prepared Text to be sent to the Members of IN General Assembly" (below) that you could just cut and paste into an email and send.

      2- At a minimum please email it to the 4 addresses at the end of the text. ("Short Email List", below). Can be cut and pasted. 
      Please CC the email to me (ahs@...).

      3- Preferably email it to ALL of the members of Indiana General Assembly. ("Long Email List", below).   Can be cut and pasted. It would not take any more time or effort to email it to all of them. 
      Please CC the email to me (ahs@...).

                                     Other options you may choose to do in support:

      4- Send in your own text in support of the petition for impeachment.
      Please CC the email to me (ahs@...).

      5- Telephone the members and urge support for the petition. (Telephones for the IN Senate and House are listed below).

      6- Send in hard copy letter to them (postal service addresses Indiana Senate/House also below). 

      7- Post this entire request to other groups you are a member of.

      At the end of this request you will find the press release that has been sent out.

      I thank you very much for your support.

      Furthermore, you will find, at 
      copy of the said Petition that can be used, and I encourage you to do so, as a template for filing impeachment against corrupt state and federal judges / officials (with appropriate modifications) in your own case with supporting Notice of Felony and evidence, as in this case.

      For announcements and info see the above two links, as well as

      Any questions, please let me know.

      Thank you again for your support.

      Best Regards

      Dr. Amir H. Sanjari


      All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” 
      Edmund Burke 1729-1797

      ----- Prepared Text to be sent to the Members of IN General Assembly -----

      Honorable Indiana Senator / House Representative,

      On July 30, 2008, a Petition for Impeachment of Judge Rex L. Reed of Kosciusko county, Indian, along with a supporting Notice of Felony that includes evidence of his pervasive criminal misconduct, were filed in accordance with the Indiana and United States constitutions and laws with the office of the Chairman* of the Judiciary Committee of Indiana House of Representatives with copies sent to other relevant Indiana legislators as well as to the Executive branch. 
      Given that one of the corner stones of our Constitution, which unites us as "We The People" in al l 50 states, is equality before the law, and that judicial corruption in our courts lead to subversion of our cherished rights guaranteed by the said Constitution, I am writing to ask you to support the said Petition for Impeachment of judge Reed so that we can regain our confidence of the judicial process in our courts (irrespective of their locations and jurisdictions) and their operation based upon the rule of law and application of the Constitution in settling controversies in our affairs.
      Given that the Judiciary Committee is required to respond to the said Petition within 20 days from its filing, I'd appreciate your prompt communication with the Chair of the said Committee to express your support of the said Petition.

      ------------ "Short Email List" ------------

      * Hon. Linda Lawson, House Judiciary Chair, Rep., District 1, Hammond & Munster, h1@...
        Hon. B. Patrick Bauer, House Speaker, Rep., District 6, South Bend, Mishawaka & Penn, h6@...

         Hon. Richard D. Bray, Senate Judiciary Chair, Sen., District 37, Martinsville, s37@...
         Hon. David C. Long, Senate President Pro Tempore, Sen., District 16, Fort Wayne, s16@... 


      Indiana Senate
      200 W. Washington Street
      Indianapolis INI 46204
      (317) 232-9400  or (800) 382-9467

      Indiana House of Representatives
      200 W. Washington Street
      Indianapolis IN 46204
      (317) 232-9600  or  (800) 382-9842

      ------------ "Long Email List" ------------
      Numbers after "h" indicate the House Districts of Indiana

      h72@..., h75@..., h41@..., h78@..., h44@..., h10@..., h9@..., h47@..., h13@..., h30@..., h16@..., h19@..., h90@..., h24@..., h27@..., h81@..., h92@..., h100@..., h84@..., h95@..., h61@..., h87@..., h98@..., h7@..., h64@..., h67@..., h33@..., h36@..., h39@..., h73@..., h76@..., h42@..., h4@..., h45@..., h79@..., h48@..., h5@..., h50@..., h53@..., h56@..., h22@..., h23@..., h59@..., h6@..., h26@..., h29@..., h93@..., h1@..., h96@..., h62@..., h86@..., h89@..., h65@..., h99@..., h68@..., h34@..., h37@..., h3@..., h11@..., h14@..., h17@..., h31@..., h51@..., h2@..., h54@..., h8@..., h20@..., h80@..., h57@..., h83@..., h28@..., h91@..., h94@..., h97@..., h66@..., h69@..., h71@..., h74@..., h40@..., h77@..., h43@..., h46@..., h12@..., h49@..., h15@..., h18@..., h52@..., h55@..., h25@..., h21@..., h58@..., h82@..., h85@..., h60@..., h88@..., h63@..., h70@..., h32@..., h35@..., h38@...

      Numbers after "s" indicate the Senate Districts of Indiana

      ----------------- Press Release ------------------------

      CONTACT: Dr. Amir Sanjari
      E-MAIL: ahs@...
      RE: Criminal Corruption & Misconduct By, and Impeachment of, Judges
      TO: All Media, Legislators and Interested Organizations and Persons
      Further Details:

      Impeachment Petitions Filed With The Legislature Against Corrupt Judges

      Indianapolis, Indiana, USA- On July 30, 2008, a petition was filed by Dr. Amir H. Sanjari, an Iranian born British Nuclear Physicist to the relevant committees and legislators of Indiana State General Assembly for the impeachment of one judge Rex L. Reed of Kosciusko Circuit Court, State of Indiana, for criminal and constitutional violations and misconduct. The documentation, including a PETITION FOR AND BILL OF IMPEACHMENT and a supporting VERIFIED AND EVIDENTIARY NOTICE OF FELONY with exhibits therein, was submitted in accordance with the constitutions and statutes of the State of Indiana and United States. The Judiciary Committee of the Indiana House of Representative is under legal and constitutional obligation to, within 20 days, investigate and file articles of impeachment against judge Reed to the Indiana Senate for a trial.
      The seven (7)-year long list of 
      criminal and constitutional violations that continue to date to be perpetrated by judge Rex L. Reed unlawfully sitting on an Elkhart Superior Court # 5 case include, but are not limited to: those of due process, falsification of official court records (audio) to cover up his and other judges' earlier crimes, intimidation and conspiracy (with Indiana Appellate and Supreme Courts, also see Notice Of Felony and the New York Times article for a pattern), fraud and treason against the United States, fraud against Dr. Sanjari and his children, child abuse, violation of oath of office, conspiracy to effect false imprisonment and retaliation, issuing orders in the absence of jurisdiction, most or all of which are also committed pervasively in Indiana courts, especially in family, child custody and divorce cases in order to fraudulently and unconstitutionally deprive children of their fathers as well as the latter's parental rights in order that the same courts, judges, counties and the State benefit from financial (Title IV-D) incentives offered to all the States by the federal government which results in the said criminal violations by the State actors and destruction of the family.

      The current round of violations began when Dr. Sanjari's return from summer vacation in the UK in 2001 was delayed due to airline problems that ensued after  09.11.2001 events. During this period Dr. Sanjari former wife fraudulently sought and obtained "ex parte" (unconstitutionally and without lawful notice) court hearing to change their children's equal legal and physical custody. This got her both full (legal and physical) custody and child support by falsely claiming that he would never return to the U.S.. This was clear and prima facie fraud by her and knowingly allowed by the system even after appeals and clear proof of this fraud. Shady relationships between her lawyer Max K. Walker, Jr. (a woman and child beater who was let off by Indiana courts!) and judges and financial incentives explain these amoral and illegal actions.  Dr. Sanjari's law suits in federal and state courts as well as publicly exposing and blowing the whistle on the criminal violations of the judges in Indiana courts have resulted in the said perpetrators, particularly judge Rex L. Reed, to criminally and unlawfully retaliate against him.

      All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”    Edmund Burke 1729-1797