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365Re: Grand Jury BS Alert

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  • Jon Roland
    Jan 14, 2014
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      For those interested in this topic we have some listservs, to which this is being copied. The Lex_Rex list is specifically for discussion of legal myths.

      On 01/14/2014 01:28 PM, Mark Adams wrote:
      LOL!!!  I just made fun of another dumbass citizens grand jury psyop campaign 2 weeks ago.  The SIC (Scum in Charge) must be worried about someone getting a clue about that quaint old right to enforce the law.  After all, if citizens had the power to enforce the law, the SIC might not be able to rob, rape and pillage at will.

      Anyway, I'm constantly amazed, but no longer surprised, by how many people will latch on to any clown ass disinformation campaign and regurgitate it like the Gospel. 

      I've actually researched grand juries, and the fact is that citizens could NOT ever convene a grand jury in Britain or in the U.S.  In both legal systems, the grand jury was selected by a government official from local citizens and empaneled by the court, and at that point in time, the grand jury was empowered to investigate anything occurring within its geographic jurisdiction.  I have never seen any case supporting citizens convening their own grand jury, and I have challenged other pysops grand jury promoters to produce one.  However, unsurprisingly, no one has. 

      Unfortunately, grand juries were eliminated throughout the British Commonwealth beginning in the mid 1800s as the British ruling class sought to preserve and restore its power over the British people and their colonies.  See a little history at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_jury

      The power of grand juries to investigate and indict still exists in the U.S., but the prosecuting princes don't mention it, nor do the folks from the Ministry's "news" or "education" wings, and as a result, grand jurors don't realize what they could do.  Most importantly, the citizen's right to petition the grand jury for redress of grievances was eliminated without any amendment by the fascists when they passed Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6 in 1944. 

      Naturally, the fascists who controlled the states followed along, and most states eliminated the right of citizens to petition the grand jury for redress of criminal grievances with lowly rules or statutes.  Moreover, in states which did not officially pass a lowly rule or statute to pretend that this right was eliminated, the local prosecuting princes just acted like the right to present evidence to a grand jury didn't exist.

      Now, rather than listen to anyone who wants to restore our right to bring our petitions for redress of criminal grievances to real grand juries and prosecute indictments, people listen to government agents who play on their ignorance and gullibility to suck them into disinformation campaigns to distract from and undermine the truth and any possibility that this most valuable right might be restored.

      If you clueless suckers don't want to go to jail, be really careful because if you get involved in one of those common law grand juries, you might just end up being used as a government poster boy for a right which doesn't exist which once again, is being used to undermine any effort to restore a right which is still supposed to exist.  See the attached indictment for one of many examples. 

      Oh, by the way, if you really want to restore the rule of law or our Constitutional Republic (technically a government of, by and for the people), you might want to listen or at least do some independent research.  For instance, see the Creighton Law Review article "If It's Not a Runaway, It's Not a Real Grand Jury" by Roger Roots JD at http://www.constitution.org/lrev/roots/runaway.htm

      For more on the roots of our problems including the theft of our most valuable rights, see http://youtu.be/PwDO2J5cNJQ and then, see more of what the folks from the Ministry don't tell you at http://www.opednews.com/articles/What-is-a-Good-Father-Are-by-Mark-Adams-090621-21.html and http://www.opednews.com/articles/Have-American-Elections-Re-by-Mark-Adams-081029-64.html  One of those articles includes a link to a U.S. Supreme Court case which talks about this most valuable right. 

      Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

      P.S. If I hurt your feelings, then imagine me channeling Steve Martin and excuse me because I'm tired of dumbasses listening to propagandists and screwing up the possibility of actually doing something to restore our rights, not that anyone has a clue about who may have a clue about how to do that.

      P.P.S. There actually are still ways to get complaints to real grand juries, but for some reason, all of the people who complain about injustice would prefer to beg their rulers to treat them better, just like in the dark ages of rule by the rulers, rather than listen to anyone who says that something else can be done.   

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