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352People drunk on government benefits

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  • Jon Roland
    Aug 18, 2013
      Most people, polls have shown, are generally aware that the federal government is in substantial violation of the Constitution. That is confirmed by my daily contacts with them, trying to activate them. They are at varying stages:

      1. Most don't care, or don't think strict constitutional compliance is important, as long as it doesn't adversely affect them personally. They are not protective of the rights of people they don't know.

      2. Most don't understand how to determine what is and what is not constitutional, or to make the effort to acquire that skill, which they either prefer to leave to legal professionals, or think they have no practical alternative to doing so.

      3. A high proportion of those who are aware and concerned have seized on patriot myths spread by mythmongers and government operatives who encourage misinformation and misunderstanding as a way to divide and discredit the reform movement. Even some legal professionals have fallen for some of that.

      4. One kind of myth is to make some reform proposals that would be counterproductive seem more important than they are, so that people busy themselves with "reforms" that don't matter rather than focusing on those that do.

      Many of Mark Levin's proposals have some merit, asI explained in my blog article, but there are more than 100 reforms that are far more important. I don't think Levin is insincere, anymore than Randy Barnett was with his proposals, but the simple fact is that even if we were to adopt things like term limits and 17th Amendment repeal, it would make almost no difference.

      The problem is not that officials don't represent the people. They represent us all too well. The problem is that thepeople are demanding the wrong things. It is like trying to get alcoholics to stop drinking.

      -- Jon
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