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158Survey on attitudes on courts

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  • Jon Roland
    Aug 23, 2010
      Please take the above-linked 20-question survey to elicit your attitudes on courts. This is a near-copy of another such survey sent to forums consisting mainly of lawyers. This version is being sent to forums consisting mainly of non-lawyers, and largely of legal reformers. We would like to get a sense of how each differs from the other in their attitudes on these issues. Be aware the comments may be viewed by all who take the survey, so you may want to take care whether to disclose personal information. All but the last question are mandatory, so you need to complete the survey once you start it. If you are unclear about any of the issues, it is okay to research them in another browser window.

      We realize that these issues are not easily captured in a few survey questions like these. Some simplifications were necessary. We have done our best to design a survey that can produce enlightening results, but we welcome suggestions for improvements.

      Feel free to forward this to other lay forums or to your recipient lists.
      -- Jon
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