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Fw: Hi Hi! How are you? People say it works http://ginkuro.jp/vn/view.php rosemarybeck@...
10:08 PM
Need a spot on camping permit for Tuesday May 20 2014 Please help!!! I have meals at Phantom Ranch May 20th, but no place to stay. I was told camping permits allow a group of up to 6. If you have less than 6
Laurie Benton
8:24 PM
Re: GC Packrafting History Tom, I don't know how this fits in with what you want but here goes: *"GC - Rafting - Lee’s Ferry to Tanner Trail* In April 1971 a non-GC hiking companion,
Don Mattox
4:58 PM
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Re: GC Packrafting History Dont forget about Jorgen Visbak, who was right there with Harvey in the early days. Definitely a pioneer of Grand Canyon flotation assisted backpacking. Jorgen
Keith Peterson
4:52 PM
Re: GC Packrafting History Hi Don, that's a wonderful history. Thanks for posting it! Hey Tom, there are two other data points I would explore for historical information: 1 - Scott
4:28 PM
Re: GC Packrafting History Tom, I don't know of any. Looking forward to what you find. Don ... Tom, I don't know of any. Looking forward to what you find. Don On 4/22/14 2:11 PM, Tom
Don Mattox
3:50 PM
Re: GC Packrafting History Tom, The following is from the packrafting.org website Dick Griffith (sources: Canyons and Ice andPackrafting! An
Don Mattox
3:14 PM
GC Packrafting History Hi Don, thanks for this write up. I am trying to look at the history of flotation assisted backpacking in Grand Canyon. It appears that the first folks using
Tom Martin
1:11 PM
Re: Saddle Canyon Access There seems to be an increasing interest in packrafting in the Grand Canyon. The following is a History of Packrafting that I researched for the
10:00 AM
Re: Hermit, Tonto, Bright Angle 4-29 to 5-2 Good catch Brian, I forgot about Cedar Spring. It was dry when we passed in September so I didn't remember it.
9:59 AM
Re: Hermit, Tonto, Bright Angle 4-29 to 5-2 Brian – shhhhh J Cedar Spring is a largely unknown designated camp that is a gem! Nice little and very short narrows to a tall pour over, a great place to
David Dube
9:33 AM
Re: Address and dues info for GCHBA? Hi Rick- In the Files Section of this Group under "GCHBA.Org" folder, there is a membership form which contains the current mailing address. Dues for this
8:00 AM
Address and dues info for GCHBA? Rob, you mention in a recent message that we should not use the address on the GCHBA website at this time to pay dues. Could you remind me of the dues
Richard Kempa
6:58 AM
Re: Hermit, Tonto, Bright Angle 4-29 to 5-2 Thank you. Will post results after I get back.... Sent from my iPad
Apr 22
Re: ticks Permethrin is quite effective. Remember it is NOT applied to the skin, but to clothing. Usually apply to cuffs, waistbands, and the other openings where
Robert Washburn
Apr 22
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Re: ticks Permethrin is properly applied to clothing before going into the outdoors. Spraying it around a camp would be a complete misapplication and completely
Robert Washburn
Apr 22
Re: ticks Was doctor at Canyon for 2 years and saw no tick related diseases FROM THE INNER CANYON but have seen Hanta virus infections (nasty) down in the Canyon cuz of
Apr 22
Re: ticks Ticks are extremely rare and my encounters have not been any of these places with big trees and camps. NPS site reports relapsing tick fever occurring on the
Doug Nering
Apr 21
Re: ticks I have used Permethrin - works really well at keeping little critters off. Spray it on pants, shirts, etc. Also good for ground sheet, have seen it keep ants
Brian O'Connor
Apr 21
Re: Hermit, Tonto, Bright Angle 4-29 to 5-2 There may also be some water at Cedar Spring, small campsite there. Camped there in 2008 (march) and water was enough for our group of 4. May be an option to
Brian O'Connor
Apr 21
Re: FiveTen Savant availability Chris, I'll sell you a pair of size 11.5 (or 12.0) Savants with big holes in them?
Apr 21
Re: ticks I've found ticks crawling on me numerous times in the Canyon. Once I picked up one that had a distinct white dot one its back, most likely a "lone star" tick.
Apr 21
Re: Phantom Ranch and Maswik Cancellations Hiker Cabin for 5/12/14 open at 1:42 pm MTime. Didn't help me, and won't last long.
Apr 21
Re: FiveTen Savant availability John, If you're seriously considering getting rid of those Savants, shoot me an email. :) Chris A.
Apr 21
Re: ticks I was assuming the ticks you find in GC are similar to those found here in Montana that we often pick up in the desert climes of Utah Juniper and sage brush,
Apr 21
Re: Hermit, Tonto, Bright Angle 4-29 to 5-2 Rod, I did this trip in Sep 2011 and it was Hot. Your brief subject line itinerary doesn't say if you plan much time at Monument Cr, but it is by far the best
Apr 21
Re: ticks Greetings from Big Sky There are over 25 species of ticks in Arizona that may carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, Tularemia, Babesia and
Russ Trasky
Apr 21
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Re: ticks Ticks like wood. Beware of those nice big Cottonwood trees (alive or dead) around camps. They provide great shade, places to hang clothes and even sit on. I
Apr 21
Re: ticks Yes, consistent with past info, and no mention of anything new that I have heard.
Doug Nering
Apr 21
Re: ticks Can we assume (I hope) that there's no evidence of Lyme disease in Canyon ticks? That the only problem is they're disgusting?
Apr 21
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