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  • matt scooter hiske
    I will keep the large table open for any multi-player, bring X-Wing just in case. I will set-up CoH- Tanks on a small table just in case I believe Brian L,
    Message 1 of 51 , Jan 2, 2013
      I will keep the large table open for any multi-player, bring X-Wing just in case. I will set-up CoH- Tanks on a small table just in case

      I believe Brian L, Brian Sinclair, and Jim bought Prussia's Defiant Stand and Caesar's Gallic War so at somepoint we may need schedule an evening or two for those interested to learn and play.


      --- In GrandRapidsWarGamers@yahoogroups.com, Brett Bolen <bolenbr@...> wrote:
      > I will play COH but I don't know how.
      > I'd also be up for a multiplayer game or combat commander
      > Brett
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      > Subject: [GrandRapidsWarGamers] Thursday
      > Throwing a few games out there to get something scheduled.
      > -I wouldn't mind playing CoH: Storms of Steel- Firefight: Tanks
      > *This is a straight forward firefight with tanks, tanks, and more tanks, nothing but tanks. Should be fairly quick to play.
      > -Spearpoint 1943 W/board expansion.
      > Others I have interest in learning:
      > I don't own these!
      > -Prussia's Defiant Stand
      > -Caesar's Gallic War
      > Any other suggestions?
      > Games I just picked up:
      > [http://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic1036379_t.jpg%5d<http://us-mg5.mail.yahoo.com/image/1036379>
      > Two battles, one great game! The game will include the original Victoria Cross updated with counters, updated rules, and new box. As the British player tries to stem the hordes of Zulu warriors with his trusty Martini-Henry rifle (with a bit of guts behind it!). As the Zulu player can you, through mass and guile, drive the British from your land.
      > [http://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic1384992_t.jpg%5d<http://us-mg5.mail.yahoo.com/image/1384992>
      > Three to Four Player Game.
      > In Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery, an exciting game of twisted schemes and bloody combats inspired by the hit STARZ Original series, each player takes on the role of Dominus, head of a rising house in the ancient Roman city of Capua. Each house is competing for Influence to gain the favor of Rome. Through a combination of political schemes and glorious battles on the arena sands your house will rise in fame and stature. As Dominus, you have a variety of resources at your disposal. Guards protect you from schemes launched by rivals. Slaves run your household and earn gold. Gladiators compete to bring glory to themselves and influence to their Dominus.
      > Three main phases occur in each game round of Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery.
      > The Intrigue Phase is when players launch their Schemes, hoping to raise their fortunes while undermining their rivals. Schemes and Reactions are represented by cards in the Intrigue Deck. Players wield their Influence to put their Schemes into play, often asking for (or bribing) another player's help in hatching the most complex plots.
      > The Market Phase is when players buy, sell and trade Assets (Gladiators, Slaves, Equipment and Guards). Players also bid against each other to acquire new Assets at Auction. Wealth is not the only path to success as players bluff and bargain with each other to acquire the Assets they covet.
      > The Arena Phase is when the bloody games are held. Gladiators from two rival Houses are pitted against each other in a brutal fight for glory. The spectacles of the games are represented by miniature combat on the arena board. Fighters pit their Attack, Defense and Speed dice against one another to determine the victor. All players seek to increase their fortunes by betting on the outcome of the gruesome conflict. Fighters who emerge from the arena victorious gain Favor and their Dominus gain Influence.
      > The goal of the game is to become the most influential house in Capua, securing your family's power for years to come. During the game, players will bribe, poison, betray, steal, blackmail, and undermine each other. Gold will change hands again and again to buy support, stay someone's hand or influence their decisions. Will you be the honorable player whose word is their bond or the treacherous schemer whose alliances change with the wind?
      > Happy New Year and see ya on the battlefield!
    • Richard Stefanich
      Let me re-phrase: Argh. Sorry to miss it, but this week I m making one more (for a total of two this month) thursday run to Out of the Box. Whew. calendar
      Message 51 of 51 , Apr 15, 2014

        Let me re-phrase:


        Argh. Sorry to miss it, but this week I'm making one more (for a total of two this month) thursday run to Out of the Box.

        Whew. calendar crisis averted.





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        Wow Rick. So that means you've already made at least one "thursday run" to Out of the Box this week, eh?  Did the calendar people sneak an extra Thursday in between Sunday and Monday?  Did somebody invent "leap week" or some sort of "weekday savings time" and not tell the rest of us?  I'm always the last to know about these things.

        On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 4:21 PM, Richard Stefanich <richard@...> wrote:


        Argh. Sorry to miss it, but I'm making one more thursday run to Out of the Box this week.


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        Subject: [GrandRapidsWarGamers] Thursday [1 Attachment]

        Planning on playing Wings of War on Thursday for those interested. I'm not sure if Jim enjoys dogfight games so he may be interested in something else. I know Bill has been wanting to play and I'm willing to go head to head if needed to teach him how to be an ace of the sky. Either way it is best with an even number and good fun with teams.


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