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Bootcamp Code Updated

Code for Module B Sir Syed University Bootcamp UpdatedNow in step 5 you will learn how to override bootstrap variables
Zia Khan
Sep 3

Join the VR/AR Team

Become part of the first VR/AR Team in Pakistan We are soon going to start Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) using Unity 5 classes. We are
Zia Khan
Sep 3

Source Code for Bootcamp

Sir Syed University Module B Node.js/TypeScript All-Day-Bootcamp on SundaysI had posted this note earlier this week. A lot of you who are not in this class
Zia Khan
Sep 2

All-Day-Bootcamp on Sundays

Sir Syed University Module B Node.js/TypeScript All-Day-Bootcamp on SundaysRecently Pakistan has had some success in the IT field and we are now exporting $1
Zia Khan
Aug 31

Panacea Blood Bank Software Released

I am extremely pleased to announce that Zavia, our healthcare software development company has released the first international version of Panacea, the
Zia Khan
Aug 23

Planning to start Virtual Reality (VR) Classes ASAP

http://edition.cnn.com/2015/05/06/tech/oculus-rift-launch-feat/index.html?eref=rss_latest At the start of 2016 VR will completely change games, movies and a
Zia Khan
Aug 18

Now the actual battle begins

On this independence day we should be very happy. On the last independence day even I had lost all hope, even from Pakistan army. Now the army has done their
Zia Khan
Aug 13

Pakistan, the Next Software Hub?

Zia Khan
Aug 10

Admission for Free classes

Please share it with your friends, 2,400 candidates have already applied. Ask your friends to also apply for it, it may change them and help them to become a
Zia Khan
Aug 6

My Teachers, my Heros, and my Inspiration

Over the years a lot of you have asked me who do I consider as my teachers, my heros, who do I take inspiration from, who has influenced my life, who motives
Zia Khan
Jul 31

Three Games Released

I am extremely pleased to announce that today our Game, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) team released three Android Games: The Last
Zia Khan
Jul 27

Saylani Free Classes

Please share the attachment with friends, these free classes might change someone's life.
Zia Khan
Jul 27
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Download Xcode 7 for Free

Zia Khan
Jul 25

E-Pakistan Vision-2025 Celebrations

E-Pakistan Vision-2025 Celebrations start from Mazar Quaid Karachi on 27th July 2015 at 7 PM.├żAll those interested please contact Mr. Jinnah at 0321-242-1700
Zia Khan
Jul 21

Eid Goodies for You

Zia Khan
Jul 18
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