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Re: I was wrong Al & Roger, I ordered from the link that Roger posted below, but opted to go with the US made MSM instead for $18.50 lb (this includes shipping). I don't trust
9:22 AM
Re: I was wrong If I paid $21.95 for a pound of MSM, I might get constipated also. 😞 Roger To: Good_Kefir_Grains@yahoogroups.com From: ouched63188@... Date: Wed,
Roger B
9:12 AM
Re: I was wrong Not everyone. I got more constipated and am still trying to work that out. Al -----Original Message----- From: Roger B Sent: Apr 23, 2014 12:04 PM To: Marilyn
9:11 AM
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Re: I was wrong Al, So you want to pay 3.66 times more because what I bought may or may not have been made in China (I see no evidence on the package) because some things in
Roger B
9:09 AM
Re: I was wrong Each day I do better and better with less and less diarrhea. And my pain got better immediately. Everyone who starts MSM gets some diarrhea. If I let fear
Roger B
9:04 AM
Re: I was wrong I'm not sure about the diahrrea being a herxheimer. Mike Adams just bad an article about detoxing and said that diahrrea was not a good thing. I'm not 100%
9:00 AM
Re: I was wrong I'm using this one. It is $21.95 per lb and gets cheaper the more you order with flat rate shipping. So if you have a friend you want to split an order with
8:55 AM
Lunch A typical lunch for me would be a kefir smoothie with one or two raw eggs, a little seaweed, perhaps 4 ounces of ginger juice that I juiced, plenty of stevia,
Roger B
8:43 AM
Re: I was wrong I thought of that only after I paid $37.50 for it. But so far, as far as my experience is concerned, it seems to be perfect. Roger To:
Roger B
5:52 AM
Re: I was wrong I bet it's manufactured in China.  I hope not.  There products are suspicious at best.   Anna B I bet it's manufactured in China. I hope not. There products
4:42 AM
Re: I was wrong I will rewrite the below: There is no difference in taste; they all taste very bitter. But I think that I am doing better with less. I think that I am still
Roger B
9:47 PM
Re: I was wrong Dear Vicki, There is not difference in taste. And I seem to be getting along fine is less. But time will tell with that one. I was up to 90 grams per day
Roger B
9:36 PM
Re: Magnesium......Sulfur Hi Roger, Interesting. And I confess to knowing nothing about MSM whatsoever! But your and others' success with it has piqued my curiosity. I just saw your
Sarah Dillingham
8:51 PM
Re: I was wrong Roger, What is the difference in the taste? Are you taking the same amount? Vicki M. Sent from my iPad
5:10 PM
I was wrong Well, not entirely. It seems that the caking characteristics are important. I started out with Jarrow from Natural Grocers. Per weight, it was the most
Roger B
2:55 PM
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Re: Magnesium......Sulfur Dear Sarah Dillingham, I confess, despite my skepticism, I have to admit that my current MSM cakes MUCH more than my previous batch from a different source.
Roger B
Apr 21
Re: Magnesium......Sulfur might want to try mike adams at naturalnews.com he's been testing different foods and supplements. love, patricia ... might want to try mike adams at
Patricia Robinett
Apr 21
Allergic to kefir revisited So, there are several types of acid in raw milk kefir. Now, going on the premise that the acid in kefir is causing a reaction similar to an allergy I just
Harry Perry
Apr 21
Casein in kefir Does anyone know the amount of casein or where I can find that info, left in kefir, after coagulation? I understand about the lactose, just wondering about
Apr 21
Re: Magnesium......Sulfur Hi Sarah, You can ask Mike Adams from to do it with his Natural News Forensic Food Lab. Send him an email. He tests for heavy metals, so we could see what, if
Apr 21
Re: Magnesium......Sulfur Does anyone work at a university or lab where they have access to a mass spectrometer? Would it make sense to test the different brands of MSM to see if there
Sarah Dillingham
Apr 21
Re: Latic Acid in Milk Kefir Hi Leo, I have made kefir with Hershey's Special Dark powder and honey. I liked the taste but felt that the consistency was a bit gritty. I may have overdone
Cathy Brock
Apr 20
Re: Milk Kefir Probiotic Information Hi Alex, You are unlikely to find any so-called "scientific " study on kefir. Reason being is that kefir is a natural substance that can't be patented and
Apr 18
Re: Roger......RE: [Good_Kefir_Grains] Latic Acid in Milk Kefir The diabetes and pre-diabetes issues are pretty easy to take care of with nutrition. Whole food supplements giving us back what has been stripped from our food
Apr 18
Re: Milk Kefir Probiotic Information Dom is the expert on kefir - check his website, he could tell you plenty. ________________________________ From: Harry Perry To:
Terry Carruthers
Apr 18
Re: Allergic to kefir ?????? Harry, This was my experience. Kefir gave me problems. I made mine from raw goats milk. I thought maybe I was getting gluten from the milk because the goats
Apr 18
Re: Elemental Sulfur Lep, I'm not interested in taking care of my scar that way, what I'm doing is working. Whether it is from the CBD Hemp Oil Salve or the MSM or both, doesn't
Apr 18
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Re: Latic Acid in Milk Kefir If I want it to be a dessert, I don't put the greens in but will always use the bannana, coconut, cacao. Al -----Original Message----- From: Leo Girardi Sent:
Apr 18
Re: Milk Kefir Probiotic Information http://users.chariot.net.au/~dna/kefirpage.html Harry ... Hi everybody, I am searching for a good source of Milk Kefir probiotic information. Articles,
Harry Perry
Apr 18
Re: Milk Kefir Probiotic Information Hi Alex, If you can ignore the seizure-inducing color scheme and questionable punctuation (!!), the following link is page that’s actually thoroughly
Sarah Dillingham
Apr 18
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