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Re: warming kefir

Just because the warm turmeric milk is so comforting to drink before bed. I do drink turmeric in my kefir with maple syrup and that is good too. Lydia :)
Nov 4

Re: warming kefir

My normal Kefir is one cup, with 1/8 tsp Turmeric, and 4 drops of vanilla extract. Why would you heat it? Leo On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 6:30 PM, lsweed@...
Leo Girardi
Nov 2

warming kefir

Hi, I have been drinking "turmeric milk" lately. It is very good, (you can look it up on pinterest) . I was wondering if I used kefir instead of milk, and was
Nov 2

File - Posting Guidelines

There are very few requirements here and nothing hard. Keep to the topic of water kefir or milk kefir. We have an off topic chat group for everything else you
Nov 1

Re: Freezing Milk Kefir Grains for storage

Alex, I freeze my Super Milk Kefir Grains all the time and the best way is to freeze them in Kefiran/Whey 50/50 mix. The deal with thick Kefiran is the gas/air
Oct 30

Re: Freezing Milk Kefir Grains for storage

Hello Alex, I freeze my spare grains all the time. Just put them in milk before you put them in the freezer. For a half cup of grains I use about a cup of
Karen Jo Rippens
Oct 29

Freezing Milk Kefir Grains for storage

Hello Kefir Loving people, I have a question about storing milk kefir grains, here's my situation: I am thinking about freezing my kefir grains for about 3
Oct 29

Re: Storing MK Grains

Hi Lyn, I'm going to need to store my kefir grains for about 3 weeks (going on a trip), I was wondering if you have any advices as far as what is the best way
Oct 29

Oak Park, IL newbie seeking kefir grains

Hi, I am a kefir newbie seeking grains. I live in Oak Park, IL and will happily come to you to pick up. My dad was recently diagnosed with colitis and I am
Karol Mattes
Oct 25


Hi, My name is Erin. Thank you for letting me join the group. I live in Hemet California and am looking for some milk grains. If anyone has any spare grains I
Oct 19

Re: Need Milk Kefir Grains Houston/Katy TX area

I have some very happy, healthy kefir grains that I would share, but I am in Austin. If you want to drive up, feel free. The only thing is, I'm moving out of
Oct 11

Re: Need Milk Kefir Grains Houston/Katy TX area

Hi Margaret, Here are some water grains in your area, you might also ask him if he has milk grains also or might know who in your area has some. Ira
Oct 10

Need Milk Kefir Grains Houston/Katy TX area

Any free grains to share? Thanks, Margaret Sent from my iPhone
Oct 9

Re: Looking for spare Milk kefir grains in Denver

Leo, thanks. Let me know what is the most convenient way I can pick up some. I am on I25 and Arapahoe. Al
Oct 7

looking for milk kefir grains in Denver

Pls respond if u can spare some grains. Al
Oct 7
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