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Newbie needing advice

I'll try to keep posts limited to one subject, but I've got a lot to learn. I'm making kefir for the probiotics (I have psoriatic arthritis). I also make
Mar 26

Re: Small Kefir Grains

I don't think it's too rich. I suspect your cultures probably just need a little time to fully come back to life. My cultures got very small for a while, to
Mar 24

Small Kefir Grains

have started using my water kefir grains again after a small hiatus. I put them in New Zealand artesian water with organic whole cane sugar, a bit of organic
Mar 23

Re: Kefir grains in Denver?

Leo - That would be great, my email is thebrasks@..., you are welcome to contact me directly. I'll also reach out to Marilyn if yours didn't survive.
Mar 20

Sandor Katz and others at Food As Medicine Summit - free online in A

Fellow fermenter Sandor Katz and others will be speaking at this free online summit on Food as Medicine in April. Isis ... From: Ashevillage
isis feral
Mar 19

Re: Kefir grains in Denver?

Only one correction. I have a cell phone now where I can be reached more conveniently. I moved north into Michigan and the Ohio phone messages only get looked
Marilyn Kefirlady
Mar 19

Re: Kefir grains in Denver?

Marilyn Kefirlady PO Box 375 Fayette, Ohio 43521 419-237-3095 marilynjarz@... This is the lady that does all of the work to provide us with this site,
R.C. Sutterfield
Mar 19

Re: Kefir grains in Denver?

Marty, I'm in Wheat Ridge. But have not be able to use my grains in a few months so they are frozen. I am going to try to revive them this week. so if you can
Leo Girardi
Mar 18

Re: Kefir grains in Denver?

Hi Marty - I live in the Kansas City area and would be happy to mail some grains to you. You'll have to give me about a month, though, as I am getting ready
Mar 18

Kefir grains in Denver?

Hi - Does anyone have kefir grains in Denver/nearby or have a recommendation for a good online shop to buy from? Both a neighbor and I are looking - we are
Mar 18

Frozen kefir grains experience .....

Hi, I thawed out about 1/4 cup of frozen grains I had in the freezer for about 6 months. The grains I was using seemed out of balance and were not making
Mar 13

Re: File - Posting Guidelines

Hi R.C. I have cc'd the address to the off topic group. Anything goes there. Not moderated at all. Marilyn On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 7:25 AM, 'R.C. Sutterfield'
Marilyn Kefirlady
Mar 1

Re: File - Posting Guidelines

I have inquired previously about the "Off Topic Group".  Would you share what it is and how to access the site? rcsutterfield@... On Sunday, March 1,
R.C. Sutterfield
Mar 1

File - Posting Guidelines

There are very few requirements here and nothing hard. Keep to the topic of water kefir or milk kefir. We have an off topic chat group for everything else you
Mar 1

Re: Any kefir grains in Eastern Washington?

Hi at http://www.probioticgrains.org http://www.probioticgrains.org we ship kefir grains to all 48 States. Please let me know if you need more info! Thanks,
Feb 22
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