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There are very few requirements here and nothing hard. Keep to the topic of water kefir or milk kefir. We have an off topic chat group for everything else you
Sep 1

Looking for good milk and water kefir grains

Hello My name is Sandra and I live in Philadelphia PA and wanted to know if anyone has good milk and water kefir grains I could buy from them on this
Aug 26

Re: Hello/introduction

Thanx, Kathleen! I'll try that for my next batch of vegan 'yogurt'. Very exciting! Can't wait to see how the taste will differ from the canned stuff. Amazing
Aug 26

Re: Hello/introduction

Isis, The tag on a jar I just bought says 1/3 cup manna to one cup water. I'd start there and vary it to suite your tastes. Kathleen From: "isisferal@...
kathleen toback
Aug 25

Re: Hello/introduction

Hi Heidi. I'm vegan, and since it's vegan 'yogurt', I only use water kefir cultures. I haven't found any perfect coconut milk yet. I don't really like food
Aug 25

Re: Hello/introduction

Isis,these recipes sound great.  Do you use milk or water kefir cultures?What brand of coconut milk do you use?  The one I know comes separated in watery
Aug 24

Re: Hello/introduction

Jill, You mentioned you had a question about the extra grains for water kefir. I would just use more sugar and water and make a larger batch since your
Aug 24

Re: Hello/introduction

Hi Jill. I make my own vegan 'yogurt' with extra cultures. I add them to a can of coconut milk, with a little maple syrup, and let it ferment for two days in a
Aug 23


Hello to all my fellow kefir lovers! Im new to all cultured things and picked water kefir to start with to learn and enjoy. I purchased 2 tbls online and have
Jill Cherni
Aug 22

Re: kefir in nut milks

Hi kefirers, This is in answer to Carmen's question, I have not used milk kefir in nut milk, but I have used it in coconut milk. It's great, it does need to
Loretta Mikolyski
Aug 18

Re: goat milk & cashew/nut milk kefir?

Carmen, I believe you can use goat milk for kefir but not nut milks. Why don't you switch to water kefir since she has an intolerance to milk? We love our
Leslie White
Aug 17

goat milk & cashew/nut milk kefir?

Does anyone know if you can make kefir from goat milk and/or cashew/nut milk? I'm assuming goat milk is fine but how 'bout nut milks? My little one's dairy
Aug 17

Re: California Kefir grains? Kate is the best!!!

how do I get her contact information? I just e-mailed Marilyn but if I can get them locally, that would be wonderful. Thank you, Carmen scsmart@...
Aug 17

Milk kefir grains in California?

I live in Grand Terrace (Southern CA) and am in need of milk kefir grains. As little or as much as you'd like to share. I have a friend with newly diagnosed
Aug 14

near Phoenix, AZ class on Homemade Probiotics

Is there anyone near Phoenix, AZ who wants to attend a class where I teach about growing a variety of homemade probiotics? Class 8/23/15 or 9/7/15: Homemade
Aug 6
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