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Diamond Wars XXI Meal Plan -- $16 for 8 meals

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  • tiedyetravels
    I m just posting this here so you ll also have the information I m sending out. For members of the household working the kitchen or the event, there s no
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2011
      I'm just posting this here so you'll also have the information I'm sending out. For members of the household working the kitchen or the event, there's no charge. If anyone wants to step up and plan a breakfast or lunch, they're still available.

      I'd like to have a meeting Tuesday the 20th so we can have our ducks in a row. How's that work for y'all?



      Greetings, all! Just wanted to once again share with you the availability of this awesome meal plan for Diamond Wars. You are coming, right?

      The plan for the House Golden Panther meal plan at Diamond Wars is up at
      http://tiny.cc/DW2011MealPlan . As with the deadline for Diamond Wars registrations, the deadline to register for the meal plan (and the discounted price of $16 for eight meals!) is October 1st. Instructions are provided for mail-in meal plan reservations ($16 if postmarked by October 1st) and for PayPal reservations ($16.80, to account for what PayPal charges us).

      The plans include dinner on Thursday (far better than any soup kitchen you might encounter), a hot breakfast and lunch Friday and Saturday, small feasts Friday and Saturday nights and a pick-up-and-take-with-you breakfast Sunday morning -- all for about what you'd pay for a single meal at say, Colton's or Outback Steakhouse. Plus -- no cooler to carry along with you!

      Some small items will be available for purchase between meals.

      Spread the word, please. Questions/allergies, please contact me at
      katthestrange @ aol.com.

      Many thanks,
      THL Katryne MacIntosh the Strange
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