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Re: [Golden_Panther] Re: The pizza explanation.

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  • Maddalena Alessandra
    ...   I have no idea. From: ang Subject: [Golden_Panther] Re: The pizza explanation.   so did alex get the freezer an how big is it? ..
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 27, 2009
      --- On Sun, 9/27/09, katthestrange@... <katthestrange@...> wrote:
      I have no idea.

      From: ang <ang___@hotmail. com>
      Subject: [Golden_Panther] Re: The pizza explanation.
      so did alex get the freezer an how big is it?
      Um not yet but still a go, probably
      --- On Sun, 9/27/09, Dufgall, Son of Vinaldi <tcguild@...> wrote 
      ok. the only day that would be a bad day is wed. I work basicly open to close that day.
      mon/tues after 2pm thurs fri sat any time. just give me some warning as to ETA and i will do my best to get a group of guys to help me load it into your truck.
      From: Maddalena Alessandra maddalex@yahoo. com
      So when could it be loaded and unloaded. Date and time suggestions

      I'm still OK driving and getting pickup truckfor my part I just need a when and where to be with the truck.  I could leave Monticello for Meridian as early as Tues. morning.

      Map quest says it's about 5 hours and return to Pine Bluff about the same, LR would be slightly longer.

      --- On Sat, 9/26/09, Dufgall, Son of Vinaldi
      ok. has this plan been scrapped? what's going on? 
      From: "Dufgall, Son of Vinaldi" tcguild@yahoo. com
      I understand the crunch. i'm living with my parents working a minimum wage job 20-25 hours a week. i'll provide what help i can get my hands on. and possibly a bed or hotell room if you prefer.
      what day do you plan on coming down? I am off work thur, fri, sat.
      From: Maddalena Alessandra maddalex@yahoo. com

      No riders as far as I'm aware, though a volunteer would be welcome.  The truck is a two seater with jumpseats and a manual transmission. My current thought was just me driving all the way by myself which is why I might need a nap,  I can't lift most freezers so loaders and unloaders will be needed but I can drive and borrow my parents truck for the trip

      I'm job hunting so money is less dependable but if push comes to shove I'll use my money for gas instead of....
      --- On Tue, 9/22/09, Dufgall, Son of Vinaldi <tcguild@yahoo. com> wrote:

      ok... so this email started out with all kinds of smartassery that i will avoid. but let me go ahead and verify.
      if gas money can be arranged and possibly crash space for a nap, Alex and riders WILL be coming to get the deep freeze?
      From: Maddalena Alessandra maddalex@yahoo. com
      My parents have given permission, so I can provide a pickup truck and driver.  We'll need folks for load and unload, maybe me a crash space for a break before turnaround
      My parents have also offered their old deep freezer on the 'condition' that it can be 'carefully' removed from their house.  My mother remembers rolling it on pipes to get it in and she thinks they used a window for entry.  There is NO man power on their end for this one, but the same truck can be used for transport.  They are located in Monticello, approximately 50 miles Southeast of Taloha..
      I have time but limited $$ due to the fact I 'chose' to resign as soon as my 'administrative leave' ends.  This means I'm job hunting again
      --- On Mon, 9/21/09, tiedyetravels <kat@tiedyetravels. com> wrote:

      Minion, that would be da bomb if there were just someone who could get it here... anyone up for a road trip? Have a truck that can handle it or a trailer?


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