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  • April Carter
    The wallpaper is gone! Well, it s gone from the library, the hallway, and both bathrooms. If you re not busy on Saturday, we would appreciate help painting,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7 5:45 AM
      The wallpaper is gone!  Well, it's gone from the library, the hallway, and both bathrooms.  If you're not busy on Saturday, we would appreciate help painting, for the usual compensation.  I would be posting this to more lists, but when we took the wallpaper down, we discovered a problem with the bathroom floor in the master bath.  Fortunately, it's a problem my dad can fix, but we thought a smaller painting party would be a good idea, since there's going to be serious construction-type stuff going on in one end of the house.  We're going to get an early start, but if y'all want to come over around noon or 1, that would be great.  I'm really hoping to get this knocked out this weekend, because I'm tired of living in a torn-up house! 
      I strongly suggest that the little ones stay home.  Besides paint fumes, noise from power tools, etc., there's also drywall dust, paint dust and chips of paint of unknown orgin.  Because of the age of the house, there's almost certainly lead-based paint here somewhere, and I would hate for one of the kids to be accidentally exposed.
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