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  • tiedyetravels
    Jan 17, 2009
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      Hey folks.

      The other Kat (Memphis Kat, former Elvis companion) has asked for
      someone from our group to take over as SCA Liaison for MidSouthCon.
      From what she's told me, Memphis folks aren't responding to her call
      for help, so she's turned to us.

      I have no clue right now what sort of panels Paul and I are supposed to
      be on, or when we're supposed to be doing what, but this may be
      something beyond my simple capabilities. I'm not really sure what's
      wanted or needed, but I can give it a shot. However, before I do
      ANYTHING I wanted to see who's planning to go and who'd be interested
      in helping out.

      Please... can we talk about this?

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