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Carmen LaFevers
Mar 13, 2013

Crown List Troll Help Needed!!

Goodafternoon Good Lords and Ladies, Linda and I need assistance running troll at crown list.. We are still in need of a second to work the 9-midnight shift
May 14, 2012

Update - prayers and good wishes needed desperately

I sent in material for an application for teaching at Pulaski Tech. I was told not to expect to hear anything until mid December at the earliest. This is
Maddalena Alessandra
Nov 20, 2011

Re: Halloween Party!

Someone bring ice! And paper plates! Thanks! ... -- Sometimes life is like a can of Spam: mysterious and mostly indigestible.
Lisa Shapley
Oct 29, 2011

Re: Halloween Party!

Does anyone have a set of computer speakers to lend for music? Mine will be tied up for Rock Band. Something I can plug into my iPod or swap out for the
Lisa Shapley
Oct 27, 2011

Re: Halloween Party!

By popular demand (or because a couple of people have been asking and I thought "why the hell not"), I will be doing massages for the first couple of hours of
Lisa Shapley
Oct 27, 2011

Re: Halloween Party!

Anyone have a 360 and/or Rock Band that can be loaned out for the party? Also, please, bring bag or folding chairs if you have them. I'm getting short on
Lisa Shapley
Oct 26, 2011

I thought I'd pass this along.

From the Fayne list: Brothers and Sisters, It has been a hard year for many of us. The wars that drive the society offer grand opportunities to unleash
Oct 24, 2011

Halloween Party!

You heard a strange snap of a twig. When you glanced behind you there was nothing. But, when you turned around there was.... Halloween! Yes, the party is
Lisa Shapley
Oct 19, 2011

Re: Root Beer.

Kat, Leif and I are heading up in my truck Thursday afternoon. I bet we could find room in the back. Todd
Gawin der Fuchs
Oct 18, 2011

Root Beer.

I cannot fit a keg into the back of the van along with all the food and equipment for Diamond Wars (smushing Kevin in will be a challenge). Before I order
Oct 18, 2011


HELP! I need a rideshare for my newbie for Diamond Wars! She can leave Friday after work (4:30 ish) and needs a ride or a rider so she is not traveling alone!!
Jessica Parker
Sep 15, 2011

Household Meeting Tuesday, September 20th

We're going to have a pre-Diamond Wars meeting at my house this coming Tuesday. Please let me know if you plan to make it. Kat
Sep 15, 2011

Diamond Wars XXI Meal Plan -- $16 for 8 meals

I'm just posting this here so you'll also have the information I'm sending out. For members of the household working the kitchen or the event, there's no
Sep 9, 2011

Ride to Diamond Wars for Newbie

Hey everyone, I am in need of a favor. I have a newbie that is interested in attending Diamonds that is looking for a ride up on Friday night from the Little
Jessica Parker
Sep 6, 2011
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