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  • veggieman48880
    Ringling Bros. Featured on The Today Show This Morning. Please Take a Few Minutes to Call/Write Right Now. (Feel Free to Pass this Message Along.) This
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2002
      Ringling Bros. Featured on The Today Show This Morning. Please Take a
      Few Minutes to Call/Write Right Now.

      (Feel Free to Pass this Message Along.)

      This morning, The Today Show featured Ringling Bros. and Barnum and
      Bailey circus in a disturbingly positive light. Elephants performed
      "painted" while Ringling spokesmen, clowns and trainers spoke of
      "love" for the animals, as well as the wholesome environment the
      live in, including "fresh fruits and vegetables", exercise, and
      positive reinforcement. Ringling was given the pedestal to make these
      statements, all without the presence of any credible organizations
      such as
      People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) or Performing
      Welfare Society (PAWS). Recently, The Today Show aired a similar
      yet Peta was given the opportunity to rebut Ringling's statements on
      The show actually aired Peta's undercover footage of Ringling's
      elephant abuse and it clearly seemed as if Ringling was losing the
      debate. Airing both sides of the issue allowed The Today Show to look
      credible and fair in the eyes of their viewers, most of whom are
      clueless of
      the horrors behind the circus industry. Basically, Ringling Bros.
      out on top this morning and once again, mislead millions of viewers
      to what really goes on behind the big top. Calls, letters and emails
      are desperately needed in order for The Today Show to see that the
      in which they presented Ringling is just inexcusable. To show this
      of controversial subject matter without showing both sides is not
      irresponsible as a supposed unbiased media outlet, but misleading and
      confusing to would-be circus patrons.

      Please call and/or write today. Tell them a rebuttal from animal
      welfare organizations is necessary in order for the public to make
      decisions on whether or not they should be taking their families to
      animal circuses. Tell them it is their responsibility to remain
      and informative to their audience. Phone calls are the best way to be
      heard, so if you can make a quick call, you will be helping
      If you are phone shy, make the comment quick and simple. They will
      write down and deliver anything you say, whether it is short or long.
      called this morning around 10:30 and the lady said they have already
      received dozens of calls from angry viewers. Your comment will make a
      difference. If enough calls are placed, especially within the next
      day or
      two, The Today Show will be forced to make a decision: either they
      invite Ringling back on air again or in the future, they must show
      sides of the debate. If you simply can't call, please at least write
      the show. Again, your comments will be marked. If you can do both,
      are an angel!!! :) Animal welfare organizations have come a long way
      the battle against the use of animals in circuses. To sit back and
      nothing now would be a tragic mistake. Millions of viewers watched
      morning's program and those same viewers will watch the next program
      featuring Ringling. Let's make sure that next time, Ringling does not
      come out on top.

      Here is The Today Show's contact information: Email: today@... ,
      Phone: (212) 664-4249. GOOD LUCK-and thank you for your dedication to
      the animals

      LET YOUR AIMS BE COMMON, and your hearts be of one accord, and all of
      you be of one mind, so you may live well together.
      Rig Veda Samhita 10.191

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