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260Mechanic finds 'Favre' goat in car trunk

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  • iimpster
    Aug 24, 2009
      Mechanic finds 'Favre' goat in car trunk
      by FOX Sports.com

      August 24, 2009

      An auto mechanic in Winona, Minn. found out just how crazy things can be now
      that Brett Favre is a Viking.

      That's what happens when you find a live, purple-and-gold painted goat with a
      "4" shaved into its side in the trunk of the car you are working on.

      James Prusci told the Winona Daily News a woman brought her car in to have a
      belt replaced on Friday and warned him the goat was in there, saying she planned
      to butcher the animal later.

      She then waited outside with a man and a young boy while the mechanic went to

      Prusci said he heard the goat crying and opened the trunk to give it some air,
      when he noticed its appearance. It had been tied at the feet as well.

      This is probably a good time to mention that Favre was making his debut in
      Minneapolis that night, just a 2 1/2-hour drive from Winona.

      Prusci alerted animal control, who confronted the woman after she claimed the
      car an hour later.

      Winona Police Sgt. Chris Nelson confirmed the account and said the animal was in
      the care of a local vet. But there is no word whether the man or woman have been