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232Re: 2 Babies at the Wm Farm!

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  • Imp Ster
    Apr 20, 2007
      arriving late one afternoon just in time to free the inquisitive
      baby nannette from terminal entrapment in a narrow crevice.
      already in panic from struggling, mortal fearful exhaustion would
      soon have set in.
      her barrel had slipped past a plank but her tiny hips were wedged
      only with great care was i able to somehow shimmy her out to
      mercy upon them o Lord, what other mortal mischief goes on in my
      was it St Francis who called me from my useless wanderings in
      barely the nick of time?

      dont know how much longer i can keep this up.
      Bush's Gas costing over U$ 3 a gallon.
      (should we now call them "Imperial" gallons, i wonder?)

      so, every trip to the Wm farm now costs me about U$13.
      i am spending more on gas than hay and feed combined.
      i could feed a dozen goats on what i am spending just to visit my
      fortunately i do some work that nets me about U$ 40 a week.
      so the goats food is assured.
      only the gas must be found for the daily (we hope) journey into
      darkest (county redacted).

      oh well.
      it was my choice to keep up this charade of goat keeping.
      when it comes to love, you dont count the cost.
      (we have bean counters and Bushiters for that.)

      --- In Goat_Friends@yahoogroups.com, "Imp Ster" <iimpster@...>
      > yes, its true... the wee folk arrived at last

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