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2302 Babies at the Wm Farm!

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  • Imp Ster
    Mar 19, 2007
      yes, its true... the wee folk arrived at last

      had just enough gas to get there and back tonight - it was good i
      went as the 2 had gotten out of stall and were lost in shed, momma
      was frantic

      2 silver-mange widgets

      so i got them back in nanny pen, stuffed hay and a few more slat
      boards in open spaces they had nosed thru

      they went right for milk! - both got a full tummy , nanny groomed
      them well, they were sleeping nested in fresh hay when reluctantly i

      Wm is more bossy than ever. i will have to expedite the buck pen

      basicaly we want to divide the goat yard into 2 or 3 sections, one
      for bucks (like Wm) who can hammer the fence with no ill effect

      the 2 look just like her last kid, the little white-grey thing
      standing next to nanny at

      Wm may be a proud bossy papagoat, but NannyB did all the work!

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