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"Someday is not a day of the week." ~ Denise Brennan-Nelson

"Someday is not a day of the week." ~ Denise Brennan-Nelson
Dec 20, 2014

Be micro-ambitious (Tim Minchin)

"Don't have a dream. Do things well and pursue things that seem interesting. Practice passionate dedication to the pursuit of short-term goals. Be
Dec 20, 2014

A Refuge from Modern Values by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (long post)

"There is a passage in the Canon where Ven. Ananda comes to the Buddha and says: ôYou know, half of this holy life, half of the life of the practice, is to
Antony Woods
Sep 24, 2014
Sep 23, 2014

Harmony Improv by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

ôSukha sanghassa samaggi ù happy is the harmony of the community. This is a really important principle as we practice together. It requires a lot of cultural
Antony Woods
Aug 8, 2014

You're working with a purpose here (Thanissaro Bhikkhu)

"Finally, thereÆs ardency, which is the quality of trying to do this skillfully: trying to stay with the breath, and if you notice that youÆve left the
Antony Woods
Jun 24, 2014

"There's no time like the present" by Les Brown

"There's no time like the present. Start moving forward now. Maybe you have an idea you've put off developing, or you're stuck in park. Either way it's time to
May 16, 2014

Re: You Need a Network by Harvey Mackay

"You need a network. You need your network. Every day. A network will help you deal with some of life's minor annoyances as well as your most challenging
May 16, 2014

Good procrastination is avoiding errands to do real work (Graham)

"'Good' procrastination in a sense, at least. The people who want you to do the errands won't think it's good. But you probably have to annoy them if you want
May 13, 2014

Possible to make irrevocable changes even on conditioned level (Than

"When the Buddha said that his job was done, this is what he meant. There were still pains in the body, there were still issues in life, but the mind no longer
Apr 13, 2014

"I greet each new day with gratitude, joy & anticipation" (Eveline M

"I greet each new day with gratitude, joy and anticipation." http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/earlyriserproject/conversations/topics/101
Mar 7, 2014

It is possible to enjoy putting effort into the practice (Thanissaro

"It's possible to enjoy putting effort into the practice, to thrive on challenges, to realize that there's a mature way to relate to the goal of awakening, and
Mar 1, 2014

True Happiness as a Spiritual Goal (Thanissaro)

"We have that chant, "May I be happy, may I be free from stress and pain." We chant that every night before the meditation to remind ourselves of why we're
Feb 23, 2014

If you are willing there is an awful lot to see in this process of b

"So as you really look into this process of breathing, there's an awful lot to see. If you're willing to stick with the ups and downs of that gradual slope,
Feb 23, 2014

Obstinacy kills IT startups (Paul Graham)

"In some fields the way to succeed is to have a vision of what you want to achieve, and to hold true to it no matter what setbacks you encounter. Starting
Jan 22, 2014
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