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Re: [GoRaiders-BAM! Right in the eye!] Rice hanging on, looking for a receiving job in camp

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  • tana casimiro
    What is it with the 49ers????? Why not let Jerry Rice retire in there uniform? I do not get it... I guess it is more to it than we know. Mz Tana HE
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2005
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      What is it with the 49ers????? Why not let Jerry Rice retire in there uniform? I do not get it...  I guess it is more to it than we know.
      Mz Tana

      wonderfulkat wrote:

      Rice hanging on, looking for a receiving job in camp

      Sunday, July 24, 2005

      By CAM INMAN

      NFL training camps are opening across the country this week, and for
      the first time since 1984, wide receiver Jerry Rice won't be found at
      either the San Francisco 49ers or Oakland Raiders camps.

      Suddenly, Rice personifies the desperate plight of hundreds of other
      campers, those simply looking to make an NFL roster. He -- the
      greatest receiver of all time -- is vying for a backup gig with the
      Denver Broncos.

      After the 49ers refused to offer him a stage for his farewell tour,
      Rice, 42, signed with Denver two months ago for what he termed "my
      last little dance."

      "Jerry's come in and been very impressive. He's in great shape. He
      always catches the ball well," Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said
      earlier this month at the American Century Championship golf
      tournament in Lake Tahoe.

      "He's definitely going to have a chance to compete and hopefully help
      us. ... If he can help us, he'll be with us."

      If not ... could Rice be joining former Raiders teammate Tim Brown in
      retirement? Could it really come down to this? A camp tryout?

      "It's a long time between now and the first game," Brown said at his
      recent retirement ceremony, "so you don't know what's going to happen
      to" Rice "at this point."

      Here's what other camp topics are lining up on the NFL's hash marks:

      RICKY'S REUNION: A year after ditching the Miami Dolphins on the eve
      of camp, running back Ricky Williams returns Sunday. How will
      Williams' once-abandoned teammates welcome him? They should be more
      concerned about keeping up with new coach Nick Saban. Unlike last
      season, the Dolphins aren't reliant on Williams, having spent the No.
      2 overall draft pick on Auburn running back Ronnie Brown.

      T.O. WATCH: All camps will be running by the time the Philadelphia
      Eagles' veterans -- including disgruntled wide receiver Terrell Owens
      -- are due to report on Aug. 1. Don't expect the Eagles to give in and
      tear up Owens' contract after only one season of service (and one
      offseason since he demanded a trade to Philly.) Owens says he'll
      reluctantly show for camp, which could be his last with the Eagles.
      Where's the brotherly love?

      OTHER BEGGERS: Other possible holdouts include Seattle Seahawks
      running back Shaun Alexander, Indianapolis Colts running back Edgerrin
      James, New England Patriots defensive end Richard Seymour and Green
      Bay Packers wide receiver Javon Walker and defensive tackle Grady Jackson.

      Walker's threatened boycott has been the juiciest, with quarterback
      Brett Favre verbally blasting Walker's stance and that of his agent,
      Drew Rosenhaus.

      TEDFORD TRILOGY: The three quarterbacks on the hot seat the most are
      all former pupils of Cal coach Jeff Tedford -- the Baltimore Ravens'
      Kyle Boller, the Lions' Joey Harrington and the Houston Texans' David

      Boller has the best chance to succeed. The Ravens have a stud running
      back in Jamal (just-out-of-jail) Lewis, a stout defense, new wide
      receivers in Mark Clayton and Derrick Mason and a new, energized
      offensive coordinator in Jim Fassel. Harrington has a talented but
      young supporting cast, as well as Jeff Garcia breathing down his neck.
      Carr still lacks protection.

      THIRTY-SOMETHING: Four quarterbacks in their 30s are looking to extend
      their careers with new teams, and all are probable opening-day
      starters -- the Arizona Cardinals' Kurt Warner, 34; the Dallas
      Cowboys' Drew Bledsoe, 33; the Cleveland Browns' Trent Dilfer, 33, and
      the Miami Dolphins' Gus Frerotte, 33.

      STILL COORDINATED?: The two-time defending champion New England
      Patriots were the first to open camp, doing so Wednesday without
      former offensive coordinator Charlie Weis (now Notre Dame's coach) and
      former defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel (now the Cleveland Browns'
      coach). They're also missing linebacker Tedy Bruschi because of his
      February stroke. But they still tout arguably the best coach (Bill
      Belichick) and quarterback (Tom Brady) in the league.

      RIPPLE EFFECT: Don't be too surprised if the 49ers have No. 1 overall
      pick quarterback Alex Smith under contract by this time next week.
      Players must report Friday, and Smith's agent, Tom Condon, has a
      commendable record of getting No. 1 picks in on time. Plus, the 49ers
      knew they'd have to break the bank when they picked Smith over Cal's
      Aaron Rodgers.

      If Smith doesn't sign on time, it likely will impact when subsequent
      top picks Ronnie Brown, Braylon Edwards and Cedric Benson report to
      their teams, as they'll want to spy Smith's haul before agreeing to
      their own deals.

      SPLIT DECISION: The biggest negotiations to track are those among NFL
      owners, who are debating how to share their locally generated revenue.
      That issue must be resolved before the league forges a new collective
      bargaining agreement with the players' union. If a new pact isn't set,
      there won't be a salary cap in 2007 and baseball-type spending would
      ensue, something neither owners nor the players' union want. The
      owners huddle again Aug. 10-11 in Chicago.

      HOME SWEET HOME: Nearly half of all teams (15 of 31) will be holding
      training camp at their regular-season practice facilities. The Atlanta
      Falcons, St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers are the latest
      "homies." Only six teams camped at home 10 years ago.

      MINNESOTA MAKEOVER: A slew of new defensive starters will deflect some
      attention from how the Vikings cope without Randy Moss. But don't bank
      on a remake of the Purple People Eaters, the Vikings' famed defense
      front that dominated the NFL 35 years ago.

      CHIEFS: For all offensive muscle the Chiefs have flexed under coach
      Dick Vermeil, they're 34-30 in regular-season games in his tenure,
      which is expected to end this year. Cornerback Patrick Surtain and
      linebackers Kendrell Bell and Derrick Johnson arrive to boost a
      defense and better Vermeil's chances of a successful sendoff.

      HALL MONITORS: Steve Young and Dan Marino headline this year's Hall of
      Fame class that will be inducted Aug. 7 in Canton, Ohio. Other
      enshrinees are Benny Friedman and Fritz Pollard, who entered the pro
      ranks in the 1920s. Rice could be joining them in 2010 if he can't
      land a backup role to Rod Smith and Ashley Lelie in Denver.


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