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938Re: [GoRaiders-BAM! Right in the eye!] Raiders to Make a Run at Vick?

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  • Antoinette Gonzalez
    Jan 24, 2007

      HAHAHAHAHA..................................LIKE MY DAWG SAID....................HELL NAWWWWWWWWW, LIKE WE NEED ANOTHER MIS-FIT MUTHA-F$@&ER..............................................BEEN THERE, DONE DID DAT F*$@IN GAME EH

      From: ray johnson <rotikdawg>
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      Subject: Re: [GoRaiders-BAM! Right in the eye!] Raiders to Make a Run at Vick?
      Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 23:28:31 -0800 (PST)

      NOOOO!!!!!.. . or in tha words of miss raiders,"Awwww Hellll Naaaaaw".... i would not touch his ass with a fiddy foot blunt..ha-ha. ..if we do make a deal with tha falcons then trade moss or porter for algee crumpler(this cat is a baaaaaad man yall), but do not give up tha #1 pick cause we worked hard to suck worse than them lion cubs up in detroit this year so we earned it,peace oowwwtt,rotikdawg. ...p.s--- say it aint soooo W-kat!!!!

      "wonderfulkat Moderator" wrote:

      Raiders to Make a Run at Vick?

      Posted Jan 22nd 2007 11:10PM by mjd
      Filed under: Falcons, Raiders, AFC West, NFC South, NFL Rumors
      FoxSports.com is starting a rumor that Lane Kiffin might want to be aware of. I don't know if he'd be happy about it, or if it would cause him to hang himself in his garage, but it would certainly make his new life more interesting:
      Oakland is preparing to make a run at Michael Vick. The package would include WRs Randy Moss and Jerry Porter plus the No.1 overall pick in the 2007 draft for Vick and Atlanta's first-round pick.
      You know who would win that trade? Matt Schaub. He'd take over the Falcons starting job, have amazing WRs to throw to, plus the #1 overall pick, which would turn into another weapon for him. Vick, meanwhile, would be in Oakland with a brand new head coach, throwing to ... I don't know, Johnnie Morant?

      If Arthur Blank and Al Davis were in love, it would be just like The Gift of the Magi. "Oh, I traded my quarterback to buy you some wide receivers." "But I traded my wide receivers to get you a quarterback! " Awww.

      Anyway, the rumor does make a lot of sense, and in a lot of ways, it seems to be God's plan that Michael Vick one day ends up as an Oakland Raiders. Still, there's a 99.92% chance that this never happens, just because these things never seem to work out.

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      1. Yeah right. Get rid of an ASS WIPE for 2 more
      ASSHOLES. Arthur Blank just jumped off a Stack Of Money. If that ever happens, That will be almost as funny as that Hershel Walker trade back in the 80's.
      If that happens the Falcons take 5 steps BACKWARD.
      If your gonna get rid of a SCUM Bag then don't
      replace it with 2 more.GET DRAFT PICKS AND BUILD.
      Al Davis is Senile. Get his Picks..All you can.
      Posted at 11:37PM on Jan 22nd 2007 by Mr.White

      peace owwwwt,rotikdawg. ..ps:silver- n-black,holla back....

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