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  • Oaklandboxer
    Jan 23, 2007
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      Oh you got to be kidding me! How did I know Al Davis couldn't
      handle having a 1st round draft pick. Have you seen the possible deal-
      Oh my God. Porter, Moss, and our 1st round spot in the draft...What
      the hell? And on top of it all, they are cutting Trojan's coach a 5yr.
      deal after only giving a real Raider only 1 shot? A 5yr deal? A 5yr
      deal? Now maybe we will love this guy, maybe he will be an answer to a
      winning record we been looking for....maybe Art Shell was too-he
      didn't get a 5yr deal, and he is an old school Raider. I am so
      irritated right now! I will support the decisions made - but I don't
      have to like it. Thanks for listening everybody - I got nobody to vent
      to here in "Bear Country".
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