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  • califaest
    Dec 31, 2006
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      Well, the season of discontent is almost over. Were will 2007 take us?
      Will current ownership continue to burn an already seeking ship and
      piont fingers at a coach who is getting no support from the powers that
      be, or will a new and fresh breath of air blow through Raider country?
      I know these statements don't sit well with some Raider fans, but truth
      be told, I'm been a Raider fan all my life, born and raised in Oakland,
      living blocks away from the Coliseum, and supporting my team no matter
      where I have lived, so I feel I have a right to vent.. I haved cheered
      through good and bad times, moves to Los Angeles, trades, deaths, and
      players who just wanted to look good in a Raider uniform, but not carry
      our banner with pride. Well, in the coming year, that's what we have to
      bring back: The Pride!!!! Remember: Commitment To Excellence!!!
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