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835Re: [GoRaiders-BAM! Right in the eye!] Where's the Fans?

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  • ray johnson
    Aug 31, 2006
      well as long as we get off to a good start ya know peeps are gonna be hatin ....hell, even if we have a hella start and beat them electrical idiots from lo-cal then run off the next five in a row, we will have tha doubters and tha nay-sayers who can't wait till we have a bad game so they can bring their asses out of tha woodwork and say"the raiders suck"(yall think they can come up with sumpthin a lil more original,eh?)....we will prove these people wrong and hopefully we just may get a lil respect that's wayyyyy overdue,ya feel me!!!.....long live tha raidernation..rotikdawg

      Antoinette Gonzalez <RaiderzJustDoIt_80@...> wrote:
      Well, the way I see it is the last two yrs we didn't even get to 4 and 0,
      and as far as I am concerned, we doin it, say what you will but a win
      rather it's pre-season or regular season is just that A WIN!!!!!!!! Go wit
      it aight!!!!!

      >From: Luis Lipps <raiderlipps24@ yahoo.com>
      >Reply-To: GoRaiders@yahoogrou ps.com
      >To: GoRaiders@yahoogrou ps.com
      >Subject: Re: [GoRaiders-BAM! Right in the eye!] Where's the Fans?
      >Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 09:01:40 -0700 (PDT)
      >First of all, let me say that every year, all the media doesnt put the
      >RAIDERS in their top 10 list, we should all be used to that by now, but
      >lets not start jacking each other off, yeah we're 4-0, but its PRESEASON,
      >we do have alot to look forward to, but let us start our dominance this
      >year by beating the dolts on SEPT 11TH, then we will know just how damn
      >good we're going to be
      >Kris Reuter <oaklandboxer@ yahoo.com> wrote: nice to get some
      >feedback. Hope all is well with you, and I sure do wish this was the fourth
      >week of the regular season, lol. I think getting Art back in Oakland was
      >one of big Al's smartest moves. I'm with you bro, I can't wait to stuff
      >this season in everyone's face! Hard enough being a Raider fan in "Bear"
      >country, but there's a few more of us here than people would think. Talk to
      >ya soon...GO RAIDERS !
      >Jim Koontz <jim@jkoontz. com> wrote: This group is not very lively
      >right now... I actually forgot I still was subscribed to this one.... ;-)
      > I will say this, My wife, for some reason, somehow, got an issue of
      >Insiders Betting Digest... I don't know why they sent it to her, except
      >maybe because she had been surprising me with some Raiders merchandise here
      >and there throughout the summer.. Anyway, they have the Raiders pegged for
      >4th in da west, and the Donkeys at 1st? Paleeeez.... And they have them at
      >40-1 there quote is "Coach Art Shell returns to the sidelines, but he can't
      >tackle anyone. Neither can the other Raiders." Well, all I can say is, it
      >will be nice to stuff it in their face!!!----- Original Message -----
      > From: Kris
      > To: GoRaiders@yahoogrou ps.com
      > Sent: Monday, August 21, 2006 1:09 PM
      > Subject: [GoRaiders-BAM! Right in the eye!] Where's the Fans?
      > All about the Raiders here?.....Couldn' t tell. They are currently
      >looking better now than they have in the past 3yrs. It's only
      >preseason, but 3wins in a row, C'mon ! ! Nobody has anything to say
      >about this? Where's the rowdiness? Where's the "Nation"? I'll stick it
      >out a little longer on this site, but Raider fans need to get with it,
      >NOW...not mid season when the Silver and Black are kicking total a**!
      >3 wins - 100+ members, and only 7 messages in 6 days....whatever

      peace owwwwt,rotikdawg...ps:silver-n-black,holla back....

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