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660RE: [GoRaiders-BAM! Right in the eye!] It's coming alive here again!

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  • Robert Groel
    Jul 1, 2005
      raider nation is alive and we are going to kick some butt these year,so all those teams that think that you are just going to kill use, i have some news for your as- it is not going to happen,we are going to be the team to beat,because i feel a championship,coming on so if you think that you are going to run use over like last year,we are going to shove your ass in the dirt and kick you square in the teeth,and say we are raider nation and bring it on.and patriots we are coming for your ass,and get ready to be rocked.we are not playing with your punk ass,all teams beware of the black hole.raider nation is bigger faster stronger ,so here we come get ready,to be destroyed.

      Antoinette Gonzalez <RaiderzJustDoIt_80@...> wrote:

       Wonderfulkat!!!!!!! bout dam time we blew up in here don't you think??? Now it's all gonna be MORE crazy up in dis house, than ever before.....BECAUSE WE ARE ONE HELLA RAIDER NATION OF FANS UP IN DIS HOUSE, LET THE REST " JUST BRING IT "......PEACE, LOVE, AND NUTTIN BUT LOVE FOR ALL MY RAIDER FAMILIA......ANTOINETTE " MISS RAIDERS ' IF YA NASTY " GONZALEZ

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