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50Pro Bowl Redemption

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  • Arnett Carroll <ac3a@netzero.net>
    Feb 2, 2003
      Following the terrible Super Bowl loss to Tampa Bay last week,the Raider Pro-Bowlers helped lead the AFC to an equally devastating victory over the NFC in this year's Pro Bowl in Hawaii. All Raiders interviewed during the course of the game projected a positive attitude and an eagerness to return in 2003 for another run at post-season competition. If all goes well for acqusitions and contract restructuring over the off-season look for the Raiders to make yet another impressive statement about their committment to excellence in the coming year.

      Once again,thanks to all of the Raider fans who have joined this discussion group. It would be absolutely nothing without your prescence and input. Please share any Raider news that comes your way over the off season. Not all of us are lucky enough to live in the Bay Area and experience actual Raider sightings. Have a good off-season.