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1Win, lose or draw

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  • Ron Phillips
    Nov 16, 2002
      I hope the Raiders hurt so many Patriots that they can't win another
      game the rest of the season.

      I'm not one to hope for injury on anyone, but they ruined our season
      last year and it would be sweet to ruin a season for them. I know
      that it won't run back the clock, but it would be nice to return
      their favor.
      The Raiders were all pumped full of adrenaline when the fumble won
      them the game, and then had a big energy let down when they found out
      that the game and chance at a championship had just been taken away
      from them.
      Sure they had time to stop the Pats, but without being able to get
      around all the holding by the Putz o-line, it was like a message was
      sent to them saying that Tags's refs were in no way going to give
      them a chance to win anyway.
      Rice and Brown were mugged all night by the pats cornerbacks even
      after the 5 yard allowance. The Pats got away with pass
      interference, holding, and anything else they wanted to do. As a
      matter of fact there was only one flag thrown against an opponent of
      the Raiders in the Pats and Jets games. However, the Raiders got
      flagged at every opportunity.
      None dare call it a conspiracy without being called a 'cry baby'.
      Tags made it obvious that he was not going to risk what he seen Pete
      Rosell go through when he had to hand over the Lombardi trophy in
      Super Bowl 18.
      Maybe this is one game that the fans need to live up to their
      reputation, and take out a few Raider haters in the parking lot.

      Forgive me for being a bit bitter, but I gotta' "tell it like it is".