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Qabalah 101 - Part 15

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  • John Gilbert
    Gentlepeople, This is Volume One Number 53 August 8, 2004 For my text I m using the translation of the Sepher Yetzirah available at
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      This is Volume One Number 53
      August 8, 2004

      For my text I'm using the translation of the
      Sepher Yetzirah available at
      and quote it as follows:

      3. These twenty-two sounds or letters are formed
      by the voice, impressed on the air, and audibly
      modified in five places; in the throat, in the
      mouth, by the tongue, through the teeth, and by
      the lips.

      This section appears to merely list the five ways
      consonants and vowels are spoken in the Hebrew
      language. The sound of "t" as in "tough" is made
      by the tongue, the sound of "th" as in "with" is
      made by the teeth, the sound of "p" as in "put" is
      made by the lips, and the sound of "m" as in
      "mother" is made by the mouth. None of these
      sounds is made by the throat. The vowel sounds of
      a, e, i , o and u are made by the throat. There
      are many more examples of these different sounds.

      It seems all very straight forward.

      In advanced studies of the Tree of Life one learns
      that the five Elements are placed on the Middle
      Pillar both above and below. It's an example of
      "As Above, so Below." About an arms-length above
      our heads is the top of the Esoteric Tree of Life.
      At this point a sphere of light not unlike a
      chakra appears. The Elemental name of this sphere
      is Spirit. Four more spheres are assigned to the
      four mundane Elements: the crown to Air, the third
      eye to Water, the mouth (Abyss) to Fire and the
      throat to Earth.

      As we look at the throat, mouth, tongue, teeth and
      lips, it's easy to see the throat is below all of
      them when we stand. Therefore, it's easy to
      assign the throat to Earth. But the other four
      parts of the head are all very close together so
      it's difficult to tell which is above the other.

      But when we lay down, the lips are the highest and
      assigned to Spirit, the teeth are next and
      assigned to Air, the tongue is next and assigned
      to Water, leaving the mouth for Fire. This is all
      very interesting because Fire is said to have been
      born in the Abyss and the Abyss on the Tree of
      Life corresponds to the mouth. It is the
      bottomless pit from whence come all sorts of vile
      things. Contemplate this in your spare time and
      see how you might transmute the Abyss of Hell into
      the Well of Heaven in your life.

      Water is the Element of the emotions. The tongue
      is the root of the emotions for the words issued
      by the tongue can bring peace or anger, joy or
      fear, sadness or happiness into the heart of
      another. Air escapes through the teeth sounding
      like Fire (sss) or is held back by the teeth
      sounding like Water (nnn). From the Earth come
      all sorts of sounds ranging from happiness to
      sadness, fearful to joyful, angry to peaceful,
      hateful to loving and intimidating to nurturing.

      The top half of the Middle Pillar terminates
      between the throat and the heart. The bottom half
      is a reflection of the top - "As Above, so Below."
      Sprit is at the heart, Air at the Solar Plexus,
      Water at the Lunar Plexus (Yesod), Fire at the
      Devotional Plexus located at the knees and Earth
      at the feet.

      If we follow the path of the sounds, the lips are
      in the heart, the teeth in the solar plexus, the
      tongue in the lunar plexus, the mouth at the knees
      and the throat at the feet. The connections are
      from the feet to the throat, knees to the Abyss,
      lunar plexus to the third eye, solar plexus to the
      crown and heart to Above. Contemplating these
      things is said to yield "fruit most pleasurable."


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      John Gilbert and Universal Gnostic Church 2004.
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