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The Gospel of Mary - Part Fourteen

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  • John Gilbert
    Gentlepeople, This is Volume One Number 38, April 9, 2004 In this issue: Gospel of Mary - Part Fourteen [ I m using The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Jean-Yves
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      This is Volume One Number 38,
      April 9, 2004

      In this issue: Gospel of Mary - Part Fourteen

      [ I'm using "The Gospel of Mary Magdalene" by
      Jean-Yves LeLoup (ISBN 089281911-1) as my text for
      this series of articles on the Gospel of Mary. ]
      The text for this week is Page 18 verses 9-20 and
      Page 19 verses 1-3.

      Following Peter's verbal assault, Mary wept and
      answered him by asking three questions:

      1) What are you thinking?
      2) Do you think I imagine this?
      3) Do you think I made it up?

      On an esoteric level these are the same three
      questions we ask ourselves whenever we have an
      intuitive insight into anything. What are you
      thinking? Am I imagining this? Am I making this
      up? The answer is we're not thinking, we're
      intuiting. We're having an intuitive insight and
      that's not thinking. We're not imagining anything
      and we're not making anything up. We're
      intuiting. We're channeling information from our
      True Self to our False Self.

      But before Peter or anybody else could speak up,
      Levi challenged Peter by saying they all knew him
      to be an angry man and accused Peter of attacking
      Mary as ignorant people attack them. Thus it has
      always been and is now. Those who don't understand
      their true reality, attack those seeking to
      identify their True Self. Those who don't
      understand us, attack us. We attack those we
      don't understand. At least that's what we do
      until we learn to communicate with our own True
      Self, our Higher Self, our Spirit.

      Levi continued by saying: "The Teacher found her
      worthy of this teaching, so who are you to
      repudiate her? Besides, we all know he loved her
      (Mary) more than any of us."

      There it is again, the "heresy" for which Gnostics
      must be silenced even to this day. The heresy
      that Jesus loved a woman more than his male
      companions whom we call the Apostles. But there's
      also something else. Who is this person Levi?
      What is he doing here in a meeting of the Apostles
      unless he is one of them? Why isn't Levi
      mentioned in any of the "Christian" bibles?

      Even though Christianity was born in the bowels of
      the Pagan religion of the Jews, it became
      anti-Semitic very early in the Church's history.
      By 325 A.D. when Constantine, the Roman Emperor,
      took over Christianity and formed the Roman
      Catholic Church, the Church was well-established
      in its anti-Semitism. By the time the Christian
      Bible was assembled and edited in the early 1060s,
      Jewish names were removed from the Canon or
      changed into Greek or Latin names. Levi was no
      longer an Apostle. But neither was Mary. Who
      knows how many other Jews and women were
      removed from the Canon as the Catholic Church
      rewrote and edited the earlier writings of the early
      Christians. One really wonders what's truth and
      what's fabrication - a scholarly debate that goes
      on even to this day.

      Levi suggested they all pray and become open to
      the Teacher so the Teacher would come to each of
      them. This is always good advice whenever tempers
      flare and egos inflate. Be at peace. Relax. Let
      go. Breathe deeply and calmly. Let us pray. Let
      us meditate. Let us become open to the Divine at
      such times.

      Finally Levi made a most interesting statement:
      "Let us spread the word as The Teacher taught us
      without making any new rules or laws other than
      the ones the Teacher taught." The Teacher taught
      there were two laws. One was to love God without
      ceasing. The other was to love our fellow man as
      we love ourselves. Love was the only law or rule.

      Over the centuries we've forgotten the Apostle
      Levi but his message is so very important to us
      today. First he confirms the Master Jesus loved
      Mary Magdalene more that any of the other
      Apostles. Secondly, he confirms there was at
      least one Jew among the Apostles (of course, they
      were all Jews). Thirdly, he reminds us of the
      most important message of all spiritual leaders,
      the lesson to love God and one another.

      The Gospel According to Mary concludes by saying
      that after Levi said these things the Apostles all
      went forth to spread the Gospel. What Gospel did
      they spread? Undoubtedly it was the words of the
      Master Teacher Jesus as each of them heard and
      understood those words. Therein lies both the
      root of our error and the root of our knowledge.

      Let them with ears, hear.

      The Gospel According to Mary speaks to my heart
      and tells me things I always knew deep down in my
      heart. God is the source of everything. God is
      both a loving father and a loving mother; and God
      is more than this, God is Everything. The
      feminine is just as important as the masculine;
      and we need to bring the feminine back into our
      spiritual path. We cannot succeed spiritually
      until we bring the masculine and feminine within
      ourselves together as equals. It's all very
      alchemical. It's all very Qabalistic
      (Kabalistic). It's all very Gnostic. It's all
      very spiritual. It's all about love.

      This ends our discussion of the Gospel of Mary.
      Have a great two weeks!


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