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Gospel of Mary - Part Eleven

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  • John Gilbert
    Gentlepeople, This is Volume One Number 35, March 7, 2004 In this issue: The Gospel of Mary - Part Eleven ******************************** Gospel of Mary -
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      This is Volume One Number 35,
      March 7, 2004

      In this issue: The Gospel of Mary - Part Eleven

      Gospel of Mary - Part Eleven
      [ I'm using "The Gospel of Mary Magdalene" by
      Jean-Yves LeLoup (ISBN 089281911-1) as my text for
      this series of articles on the Gospel of Mary. ]
      The text for this week is Page 17 verses 1 - 6.
      (Caution: Long but very important Gnostic lesson
      concerning alchemy and the Tree of Life.)

      "I left the world with the aid of another world; a
      design was erased, by virtue of a higher design."
      This is the rest of the answer the Soul gave to
      Wrath. Remember Wrath had oppressed the Soul with
      Darkness, Craving, Ignorance, Lethal Jealousy,
      Enslavement of the Body, Intoxicated Wisdom and
      Guileful Wisdom. The Soul became free of these
      torments and left this world by aid of another
      world. By leaving this world a design was erased
      by a higher design.

      This is pure Qabalah and to understand it we need
      to study a little Qabala. Wrath, you may recall,
      was the fourth climate which the Soul encountered.
      Those four climates were probably the last four
      spheres on the Tree of Life. The first climate
      would have been encountered when the Soul
      descended down from the World of Water, the
      Creative World where it resides into the World of
      Fire, the Formative World where the Ego resides
      and thence into the World of Earth, the Manifested
      World where all the false faces of the Ego, the
      Personas, reside. From here the Soul would have
      pulled the Personas up from the World of Earth,
      the Manifest World, into the Ego. All of the
      Ego's Personas would come together into one as the
      Ego sheds one mask after another. When the
      Personas come together we become a genuine person
      and we're ready to unite with our Ego.

      But this is a long process. The first step is to
      encounter the First Climate where we identify the
      "real" part of each persona and discard the rest.
      Then we pull all of the "real" parts together into
      one "real" persona. (Keep in mind the persona is
      a mask and it's truly not "real.") So the Genuine
      Persona, the one remaining when all others have
      merged into one, faces the Formative World of
      Water in the ninth sphere. We've succeeded in
      answering the challenge of the First Climate.
      We're now ready to pass the Veil of Ignorance and
      travel into the ninth sphere which is the
      Foundation of the World, the matrix upon and
      within which the World of Manifestation is built.

      In this ninth sphere, resides our astral body, our
      emotional body. Here the Genuine Persona faces
      all its emotional issues, all of them. This is
      the second climate. Once these issues have been
      resolved the Genuine Person moves into the eighth
      sphere, the intellect. Here the Genuine Persona
      will face all its belief systems, prejudices,
      judgments, attitudes and negative thoughts. This
      is the third climate. In the Gospel of Mary we
      read that the "Soul" had descended and is now
      rising. Yes, as our Genuine Persona rises our
      Soul, the Grandparent of our Persona, also rises.
      What we do here directly affects our Soul. As the
      Genuine Persona rises it faces Craving in the
      Second Climate and then rises to face Ignorance in
      the Third Climate.

      One of our most difficult emotions to identify and
      resolve in the Second Climate is Craving. It's
      amazing the things we crave without any
      realization of those cravings. It's even more
      amazing to identify our little emotional quirks
      and habits.

      Absolutely the most difficult issue to resolve in
      our Intellect, far more difficult than attitudes,
      prejudices, judgments, negative thoughts and
      belief systems is the Ignorance that underlies all
      of these. But the Soul is freed from the Third
      Climate and rises to the fourth. The Fourth
      Climate is our personal World of Fire. It's here
      we set in motion all the desires, intentions,
      passions, and expectations for our life. Here we
      find darkness as we descend further into matter.
      Here is the root of all our cravings. Here we
      reside in the World of Illusion on the manifested
      side of the Veil of Illusion known as Paroketh.
      This is the root of our Ignorance. Here we
      prepare to descent into matter like a worm
      descends into the soil and is enslaved by it.
      Here is the root of our petty but self-destructive
      jealousy as we compare ourselves with others and
      find ourselves wanting. Here we delude ourselves
      into believing we are our Egos and that we're
      better than others. These are our "Intoxicating
      and Guileful Wisdoms."

      "I left the world with the aid of another world"
      describes how our Soul, residing above our Ego in
      the Creative World, comes down into the Formative
      World and assists in the first alchemical marriage
      - the marriage of our "genuine persona" to our
      "ego." We've pierced the Veil of Ignorance, "a
      design was erased by virtue of a higher design."
      The false mask of our False Self, the Ego, has
      been erased with the help of our Soul. We now
      reside in the Formative World and continue to
      maintain a body in the physical. We are "in this
      world but not of it."

      The Gospel continues: "Henceforth I travel toward
      Repose, where time rests in the Eternity of Time;
      I go now into Silence." This announces our goal
      as we travel up the Tree of Life. We travel to
      the top where "Repose" resides in the sphere at
      the top of the Tree.

      We'll continue our discussion of Page 17 in the
      next issue. But, can you see why such teaching is
      not in the best interests of an organized
      religion? Our persona made it's assent through
      the Four Climates in the World of Earth and Fire
      without the help of the Church. It was the Soul
      that made this possible, not the priests. It was
      the Soul, not the Church. It was the Soul that
      helped the Persona marry the Ego in the first
      alchemical marriage. It was not the Church and it
      was not the priests of the Church. It was our own
      True Self.


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