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Gospel of Mary - Part Eight

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  • John Gilbert
    Gentlepeople, This is Volume One Number 32, February 1, 2004 In this issue: 1. Alchemy 2. The Gospel of Mary - Part Eight ****************** 1. Alchemy
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2004

      This is Volume One Number 32,
      February 1, 2004

      In this issue:

      1. Alchemy
      2. The Gospel of Mary - Part Eight

      1. Alchemy
      Ancient Alchemy is based on the assumption there
      is One Source of everything and this One Source
      decided to create everything that exists. That
      decision includes you and me. The Hermetic Axiom
      is: "As Above, So Below." Just as the One Source
      decided to create everything that exists, so we
      decided to create everything that exists in our
      personal world.

      This decision was made while we still existed in
      the unmanifest state of being. Alchemy calls this
      our Unmanifest Self. And it's our Unmanifest Self
      that made the original decision to incarnate in
      this lifetime. Our Unmanifest Self implemented
      that decision by creating our manifest Spirit in
      the World of Archetypes. Alchemy calls this
      Spirit our Mercury.

      As Above, So Below. Our Spirit creates our Soul
      which Alchemy calls our Sulphur. Then our Soul
      creates our Ego which Alchemy calls our Salt.
      Thus we have Mercury - Sulphur - Salt being our
      Spirit, Soul and Ego. But the creation continues
      as our Ego creates our Persona. It's our Persona
      which is the Prime Material of the Spiritual
      Alchemist and which is converted into the
      Philosopher's Stone. This conversion requires
      three Alchemical Marriages and each marriage is
      accomplished through Spiritual Alchemy the art and
      science of personal transformation.

      To get started on your Alchemical Journey download
      the first step of the process for free from the
      Order of Spiritual Alchemy website at
      http://AlchemicalOrder.com Give it a try and see
      if Alchemy is for you.

      2. Gospel of Mary - Part Eight
      [ I'm using "The Gospel of Mary Magdalene" by
      Jean-Yves LeLoup (ISBN 089281911-1) as my text for
      this series of articles on the Gospel of Mary. ]
      The text for this week is Page 15 verses 1-12.

      The missing pages 11-14 may never be found and
      we'll never know for sure what the Teacher was
      going to say in the message truncated by the
      missing pages. Nor will we know how the
      conversation between the Soul and Craving ever got
      started. But, page 15 starts with the words And,
      Craving said: "I did not see you descend but now I
      see you rising. Why do you lie, since you belong
      to me." And the Soul answered...

      Scholars of this Gospel are going to debate these
      words for a long time. Most Gnostics think this
      is a statement about descending from the
      Unmanifest into flesh and the Path of Return from
      manifestation to the state of being Unmanifest.
      Craving says it didn't see us descend into matter
      but now it sees us rising above it. Our
      Possessiveness didn't see us descend into matter
      but now it watches us on our spiritual journey as
      we rise above this physical abode. Obviously, our
      Possessiveness was a part of us before we gained a
      Soul. Since our Unmanifest Self is pure and
      unadulterated, Greed must have been apart of our
      Spirit before we acquired a soul.

      Our Soul belongs to our Spirit as a spoken word
      belongs to the speaker. Our Spirit creates our
      Soul in order to gain experience in the flesh.
      The Spirit speaking as Craving was possessive.
      The Soul is also possessive, It craves whatever
      the Spirit desires. It also protects and hides
      the things it wants to possess. Thus the Soul
      lies to Spirit posing as Craving by denying it
      craves anything.

      The Gospel continues..."Then it entered into the
      Third Climate known as Ignorance..." This is an
      interesting statement and may refer to the Third
      World of the Qabala which is called the World of
      Ignorance. It's also called the World of Fire,
      the World of Desires and the World of Ego. If
      this is so, it brings deeper understanding to the
      previous stanza. Craving must have entered into
      the Second Climate, the Second World, the World of
      Water, the World of Illusion, the World of
      Emotions also known as the World of our Soul.

      That means Craving exists in the First Climate,
      the First World of the Qabala, the World of Air,
      the World of Archetypes known as the World of our
      Spirit. All of this would be consistent with the
      preceding analysis. What the Gospel of Mary is
      telling us is that our greed, possessiveness and
      cravings in this physical world are born not in
      our Ego nor in our Soul but in our Spirit. This
      means our cravings are a part of who and what we
      really are. It is these cravings we came into
      this world to overcome.

      The things we crave, the things we really want are
      the things we came here to give up. We came here
      to become non-possessive, to become detached from
      our cravings. But we don't want to do that so our
      Soul lies to our Craving.

      That's heavy stuff. We'll finish Page 15 in the
      next issue, in the meantime, ponder these things.
      Besides, one of the things that can help us become
      detached from our cravings is Alchemy.


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