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Cabala Lesson 8 - Paths 5 and 6 and Sphere 5

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  • gnosticjohn
    Gentlepeople, In the last lesson we crossed the Great Abyss from the Sphere of our Decisions and Intentions into the tumultuous World of Water. In this lesson
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2012

      In the last lesson we crossed the Great Abyss from the Sphere of our Decisions and Intentions into the tumultuous World of Water. In this lesson we cross the Abyss from our Sphere of Beliefs and Faith into the World of Water.

      Path 4 and Path 5 are both called the "short paths." It's generally a quick trip from our intentions and decisions into our Sphere of Compassion, Mercy, Kindness, Love, Antipathy, Greed, Hatred and Animosity. Once there it's a quick trip back to reflect on our feelings.

      It's a quick trip back and forth through the Veil of Reflection to think about our feelings and generate even deeper feelings. It's a trip from thinking to feeling and back again over and over.

      How easy it is for us to take a simple idea and turn it into an emotional nightmare. It's so easy we do it all the time.

      Path 5 originates in our Sphere of Beliefs and Faith. It crosses the Great Abyss and on this path we receive intuitive insights, we open our third eye and we begin to "see." The more time we stay on this path, the more intuitive we become.

      Here's how: Think about a belief or statement of faith you have. Get it firmly in your mind. Then close your eyes, breath deeply and become receptive. Receive and write down or record everything you receive. The more you practice this technique, the more intuitive you become.

      Path 5 is the Path of Intuition, Intuitive Insights and Hunches. It's also the Path of Being Open and Receptive.

      Our Intuitive Path terminates in the Sphere of Power, Empowerment and Weakness or Dis-empowerment. It's the Sphere of Peace and Anger, Fear and Freedom. This is Sphere 5 which is also called the Sphere of Severity.

      Peace and Anger express themselves as wrath, rage, anger, irritability, exasperation, annoyance, release, letting go, calm, comfort and peace. Fear and Freedom express themselves as panic, anxiety, fear, foreboding, apprehension, worry, concern, confident, reassured, secure and free.

      Sphere 5 is where we become powerful -- we empower ourselves -- by mastering our anger and fear. We master our anger by letting go and becoming calm and peaceful. We master our fear by breathing deeply, relaxing and becoming confident and free of anxiety and fear.

      Path 5 is a short path from the Sphere of Power to the Sphere of Beliefs. On this path we pick up hunches and insights to support our anger and fear. We change our Beliefs and we return to the Sphere of Anxiety and Rage.

      We do this over and over and we either empower ourselves or we become entangled in an emotional quagmire that weakens and dis-empowers us. Make no mistake about it, we do this to ourselves. We create our own emotional turmoil and we create our own peace, calm and power.

      Sphere 5 also empties into Path 6 the Path of Attraction. The Path of Attraction runs between Spheres a and 5, our Sphere of Compassion and Love and our Sphere of Power and Peace. On this path we attract into our lives people and things in agreement with our emotions.

      If we are greedy, we attract greedy people. If we are hateful or loving we attract people who feel the same way we do. We attract people, animals, plants and things that think and feel the same way we do.

      These people and things reinforce our thinking and feelings. We create our own world -- our own private heaven or hell by traveling Paths 4, 5 and 6 and by placing our consciousness in Spheres 4 and 5.

      This is all fine and good if we are loving, empowered and peaceful. But if we're at the other end of the spectrum we get trapped here and things go from bad to worse. Our emotions become bogged down and degenerate more and more.

      That's why we all need to take the time to reason things out and find a way to become more loving and compassionate. We all need to tune into our beliefs, anger and fear to find a way to become more peaceful and free of our negativity. Freedom from negativity is true Freedom.

      Spheres 4 and 5 and the Path 6 is just the beginning of the World of Water, the World of our Emotions. Paths 4 and 5 are just the beginning of the Veil of Reflection, the Great Abyss. The fun is just beginning.

      May the Divine Father, Mother, Creator of All Things bless you and keep
      you, sanctify you and soften your Karma now and forever. Amen.

      Peace, Love, Happiness and Joy,
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