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Transformation Part 21 of 33

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  • Latreian
     Transformation - Part 21 of 33 parts *************************************** We now come to the great crossroads of life. We ve passed through the Trial of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2011
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       Transformation - Part 21 of 33 parts

      We now come to the great crossroads of life.
      We've passed through the Trial of Verification and
      we now face the door to unconditional love.  If we
      open this door we'll never be the same again.
      We'll love this creation and everything within it
      unconditionally.  Not just for today, but forever.

      We've learned a lot.  We've changed our thinking
      and our behavior.  We've verified this is who and
      what we really want to be.  Yet, we stand at this
      door filed with fear.  We fear our ability to
      express unconditional love is lacking.  This makes
      us angry and our anger keeps us from opening the
      door.  This fills us with sorrow and regret.

      We go through the process of verification again
      and again until we know we're ready to open that
      door and forever be changed.  We open the door and
      enter into the Unconditional Love of the Divine.
      We become that Love.  We are one with that Divine

      My prayer for you is you reach the Door of
      Unconditional Love and find yourself worthy to



      As Above, So Below.
      As Without, So Within.

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