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Ritual 102 - Part Seven

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  • John Gilbert
    Gentlepeople, This is Volume One Number 25, December 7, 2003 In this issue: 1. Editorial Comments 2. Ritual 102 - Part Seven ************* 1. Editorial
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      This is Volume One Number 25,
      December 7, 2003

      In this issue:

      1. Editorial Comments
      2. Ritual 102 - Part Seven

      1. Editorial

      I've received several requests to discuss one of
      the Gnostic Gospels. So, starting with the next
      issue, I'm going to start a discussion of the
      Gospel of Mary Magdalene. She's considered to be
      the Guardian Angel of the Modern Order of Essenes.
      She was undoubtedly one of the first bishops in
      the Early Church. I use the term "Early Church"
      because it really didn't become the Christian
      Church and the "Gnostic Heretics" until three
      hundred years later. The "Gnostic Heresy" was, of
      course, the knowledge that Jesus was born of woman
      like all men and attained Cosmic Consciousness
      (God Consciousness) in one lifetime as an example
      for all of us to follow. The Roman Church
      couldn't afford to let anybody believe that
      nonsense at the expense of not relying on the
      priesthood for their "salvation."

      Oh well, that's another discussion for another
      time. The upcoming discussion will rely on the
      translation of the Gospel of Mary Joseph Rowe.
      The book "The Gospel of Mary Magdalene"
      translated from the Coptic by Jean-Yves LeLoup
      with commentary by Jean Yves-LeLoup and further
      translator into English by Joseph Rowe (ISBN
      089281911-1) published by Inner Traditions
      (www.InnerTraditions.com) is the specific
      translation I'll be using. A review of this book
      can be found at http://GnosticYoga.com/reviews.
      If you're really interested in the Gospel of
      Mary, having a copy of that book at hand for
      further study will be helpful. We'll start with
      Page 7 of Mary's Gospel since the first six pages
      have yet to be found. They're lost for now.

      2. Ritual 102 - Part Seven

      The four steps to perform an Invoking of Spirit
      Within are to 1) Decide upon and frame your
      intention, 2) Face East and point the index finger
      of your right hand on your chest pointing at your
      heart, 3) state your intention, and 4) leave the
      ritual open as there is no need to close it.

      Spirit Within is protected by all the Archangels
      of the Tree of Life. It's ritualistically used to
      be the mediating point between Spirit Above and
      Spirit Below. Spirit Within is at the point where
      Spirit Above meets Spirit Below so that
      manifestation can occur. Spirit Within controls
      how we manifest our hopes and dreams. Put your
      intention into your own words. This is Step One.

      Face East and place your index finger on your
      chest pointing to your heart. Imagine this point
      as the bottom of a six-pointed star or hexagram
      with two triangles. One triangle points downward
      and connects your heart to points outside and
      about three inches from your ears. This triangle
      is associated with Spirit Below.

      The second triangle points upward and connects
      your third eye with your shoulders. This triangle
      is associated with Spirit Above. The two
      triangles intertwine and form a shining white
      six-rayed star within us. This star reaches from
      our third eye above to our heart below. The other
      four points are outside our shoulders and outside
      our ears. This is Step Two.

      For Step Three voice your intention and charge the
      six-rayed star. Then wait as long as you want for
      Spirit Within to do its thing. Leaving the ritual
      open is Step Four. There's no need to close or
      banish the Spirit Element.

      My suggestion is to try this ritual this week and
      see what you think. I'll leave you to practice
      the last seven rituals for a couple of weeks. By
      then I'll have some links set up for you so you
      can continue your study of ritual. I'll let you
      know just as soon as those links are ready. In
      the meantime, have a great week.


      Gnostic News is a publication of the Universal
      Gnostic Church http://UniversalGnostic.com
      Portions of this newsletter may be used for
      instructional purposes without further permission.
      For all other uses, please contact the author
      through this newsletter. Copyright 2003 by John
      Gilbert, Ph.D., all rights reserved.
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