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In the Beginning - Part Two

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  • John Gilbert
    Gentlepeople, In the beginning there was either nothing or Something. That Something gave birth, or created, all there is either directly or indirectly using
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2008
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      In the beginning there was either nothing or
      Something. That Something gave birth, or created,
      all there is either directly or indirectly using
      the things that Something had already created. It
      comes as no surprise that most religious theology
      teaches Something has always been and always will

      For our purposes, it doesn't matter if Something
      arose out of nothing or if Something has always
      existed. It doesn't matter. What matters is how
      that Something created the whole universe and
      everything in it.

      This is a very complex problem because science is
      beginning to prove that the finite universe as we
      know it first existed as "dark matter" before it
      became matter as we know it. The problem gets
      even more interesting because science has already
      proven everything is energy. Matter is nothing
      more than spinning energy.

      Science knows almost nothing about dark matter
      except that it is energy that is not spinning
      fast enough to create what we call matter. And
      the further we get from the center of the
      universe, the slower that energy is spinning. In
      fact the further away it is, the slower it spins.
      At some point it probably isn't spinning at all.

      What is this non-spinning energy?

      Our best guess is it is mental energy. Science is
      on the brink of proving everything is not only
      energy, it's mental energy. Mind and mind alone
      is the Something that created everything that is.
      Thought and thought alone is the true reality.
      Everything else is an illusion created by the
      Mind or created by the mind.

      This brings us back to the concept expressed by
      the Law of One that we are all in this together
      for some purpose we don't remember. It also
      brings us back to the topic of Before the

      Before the beginning of manifestation as we know
      it, Something had to become aware of thinking
      something. What that first thought might have
      been we will probably never know. What we do know
      is we all become aware of ourselves, our
      surroundings and our needs. Even the smallest
      living creature becomes aware of these things.
      Even plants become aware and they spread their
      roots and leaves to serve their needs in their
      surroundings in order to survive.

      In the oldest traditions concerning the creation,
      it is said God or Great Spirit existed. In the
      Kaballah this is called Ain which means
      "nothing." Ain is not a thing, it is no thing. It
      is being, and being is no thing. Being just is.
      Being is characterized by "the first thought."

      As we all become aware of life following birth,
      we all have a first thought. What that thought
      may have been we do not remember. This first
      thought is proof of our "being." That's why some
      Kaballists say Ain is Being, and being is the
      first step in creating our own lives. Thus Being
      was the first step in creating everything. Being
      is characterized by the words "I Am."

      Before the beginning of creation, Something
      became aware that "I am." As Something thought
      more and more, Something became aware of what it
      was. We do the same thing. We become aware, pay
      attention to our awarenesses and start to define
      ourselves. As we define ourselves we move from
      being to becoming a thinking being.

      A thinking being is an individual mind. A
      thinking mind is characterized by the words: "I
      Am That." Kabalists say the second step before
      the creation is Ain Soph which means limitless
      nothing or eternal nothing. In other words it
      means limitless mind or eternal mind. Hence we
      say Something was here in the beginning and that
      Something knows everything, it is omniscient,
      omnipotent and omni-present. Something is
      omnipotent, omni-present and omniscient. It is
      all power, all knowledge and wisdom and it is
      everywhere. This is Limitless Mind.

      The first step before the beginning is I AM. It
      is the state of existing, the state of Being. The
      second step before the beginning is I AM THAT or
      I AM MIND. It is a state of knowing, the state of
      Mind. In the beginning Something was (Ain =
      Being) and it knew who and what it was (Ain Soph
      = Mind).

      Can there be more than this?


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