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This Holy Temple - Part Seven

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  • John Gilbert
    Gentlepeople, The Gnostic Lessons have a new home at GnosticLessons.com and new learning materials to help you understand your own spiritual path. If you have
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      The Gnostic Lessons have a new home at
      GnosticLessons.com and new learning materials to
      help you understand your own spiritual path. If
      you have not already studies these lessons, we
      recommend them to you.

      If you have already completed the Gnostic Lessons
      and want to review them, please contact Sara at
      info.ugf@... for the URL.

      Update on This Holy Temple - Part Six

      A friend told me that multivitamins can also
      cause urine to be cloudy. We need to stop taking
      a multivitamin for a couple of days before
      examining the quality of our own urine.

      Another friend reminded me that we can determine
      the color of our feces and quality of our urine
      by just looking in the toilet and at the paper we
      just used. We don't need to collect feces and
      urine in any other manner.


      The Modern Essenes (ModernEssenes.com) teach us
      the following healing paradigm:

      1. The cause of all physical problems of all
      kinds is an unresolved emotional issue. Resolve
      this emotional issue and you resolve your
      physical condition.

      In my experience, most people don't know they
      have an emotional issue. The easiest way for them
      to find their emotional issues is through
      Spiritual Alchemy (See GnosticAlchemy.com for
      details). Spiritual Alchemy teaches us to become
      comfortable, breathe deeply, close your eyes and
      relax. Then ask yourself why you're unhappy. The
      lack of happiness is an emotional issue.

      Let's say you don't feel unhappy, then ask
      yourself why you worry or why you're afraid of
      something that might happen. If you have no
      fears, then ask yourself why you're irritated or
      angry. If you don't resonate with any of these
      emotions, you're either in denial or you just
      need to look a little deeper. We're all unhappy,
      fearful or irritated about something.

      2. The cause of all emotional issues of every
      kind is wrongful thinking about ourselves. We
      think we're inadequate, not heard, not worthy,
      not good, not smart, not beautiful, not

      And, we're absolutely wrong because we're created
      to be perfect in every way. We are unique and we
      are perfect. We are exactly who we are supposed
      to be. We're more than adequate. We can do
      anything that really makes our heart sing. People
      hear us and we have an impact on them with our
      words even if they don't acknowledge this to us.

      We are worthy because we were created to be
      worthy. Deep down we're all good and we can
      choose to express that goodness. We are smart
      enough to live the life we designed for
      ourselves. We are uniquely beautiful whether we
      want to admit it or not. We have all we need and
      we are everything we need to live the life we
      create for ourselves.

      3. The cause of all wrongful thinking (mental
      blocks) is rejecting our own intuitive insights.

      Our ego is us. So is our soul. The difference is
      our soul is perfect and our ego is not. Our soul
      speaks to us intuitively. Our ego can find
      hundreds of ways fore rejecting these intuitive
      thoughts just like we are able to find hundreds
      of ways to reject the thoughts and ideas of
      others -- including our parents.

      When you receive an intuitive insight, and we
      receive hundreds of them every day, all you need
      to do is pay attention to them. When we pay
      attention to our intuitive insights, we change
      our thinking. When we change our thinking we feel
      differently about life and ourselves. When we
      feel better about life and ourselves, we heal
      ourselves of every physical condition possible.

      When you don't, we call that an intuitive mistake
      or error.

      4. The cause of all intuitive mistakes of every
      kind is because we separate ourselves from the

      We are, all of us and everything in the creation,
      a part of the Divine and we can never change
      that. We are all brothers and sisters and we can
      never change that. We all depend upon each other
      and we can never change that. We are in this all
      together and we can never change that.

      What we can do is separate ourselves from each
      other and the Divine. When we do this, we have
      absolute free will to do anything. Without
      thinking about it we can ignore our intuitive
      insights. We can think anything we want, feel
      anything we want and suffer the consequences in
      our physical being.

      Gnostics believe that's exactly what we did and
      that's the reason we're all here. We all
      separated ourselves from the Divine. We're all
      prodigal children who left home. We all did this

      If that's true, then we can all help each other
      return home, reconnect with the Divine, and heal
      ourselves on every level of our being. All we
      need to do is open the lines of communication
      between ourselves and the Divine. This is Divine

      When we establish communion with the Divine, we
      return home, we reunite with the Divine and we
      heal ourselves on every level of our being.

      If you want to learn more about establishing
      communion with the Divine I recommend the Modern
      Essenes (ModernEssenes.com) to you.
      These teachings have nothing to do with religion
      and everything to do with spirituality.

      If this doesn't appeal to you, then please do
      yourself a favor and try spiritual alchemy as a
      way to resolve your emotional issues and heal
      your physical body. I recommend this to you
      (GnosticAlchemy.com) as a powerful healing tool.


      No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding.
      Make My Way your home on the Web - http://www.myway.com
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