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Creator God - Part One

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  • gnosticjohn
    Gentlepeople, This is Volume One Number 1 July 1, 2003 Welcome to the inaugural issue of the new Gnostic News. You re receiving this issue because you asked to
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      This is Volume One Number 1 July 1, 2003

      Welcome to the inaugural issue of the new Gnostic News.
      You're receiving this issue because you asked to
      receive this information.

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      In this newsletter my first goal will be to attempt to define
      "God" as understood by a wide spectrum of Gnostics. My
      second task will be to identify the three major forms of
      modern Gnosticism and describe each to the best of my
      ability. My next and final task will be to identify and
      describe the different tenents of Gnosticism so you can
      formulate and start to practice your own spiritual path --
      whatever that path may turn out to be.


      The Book of Genesis begins with: "In the beginning,
      God created the heavens and the earth." Three
      things are mentioned in this first sentence: God,
      heavens and earth. In this article, I shall call this
      first God mentioned in the Western theology as
      Creator God for the sake of clarity.

      This creation story is told in every religion known
      to me. The principle character in this story is
      called by many names (Ahura Mazda, Brahman,
      Ptah, and Yod Hey Vov Hey for example). The
      other two characters are called male and female,
      heaven and earth, light and darkness, energy and
      form, and several other pairs of opposites.

      This is the nature of the Tree of Life. One creates
      two who are opposite in nature and those two
      combine to form one balanced whole. This is where
      we'll start our discussions since this is where
      Gnostics started to become separated from the
      other Western religions and spiritual paths.

      Gnosticism is not so much a religion as it is a
      spiritual path. It is this spiritual path which is
      disclosed by the Tree of Life. This is the topic
      of our discussion.

      If Creator God created the heavens and earth we
      know Creator God must have existed prior to this
      creation. On this assumption alone man has tried
      to define Creator God for thousands of years.
      We're no closer to arriving at a perfect definition
      now than we were back then.

      Our second assumption is Creator God created
      something Creator God knew and understood.
      We all create things we know and understand.
      We don't create things we don't know and we
      don't understand. So what Creator God created
      was familiar to Creator God.

      If Creator God knows all about each of us,
      because Creator God did create us, then Creator
      God knows more than all of us put together. In
      fact, Creator God knows everything we know and
      Creator God knows more than we know. Thus,
      because Creator God knows everything, Creator
      God has to be Omniscient.

      If Creator God was all there was in the beginning,
      then there was only one thing Creator God could
      have used to create and that one thing was Him,
      Her, It, Creator God. Therefore everything that is
      created is within Creator God, and Creator God
      is within everything. Creator God is both
      Omnipresent and Immanent.

      If Creator God created us and all that is within
      Creator God, then all the power that is must exist
      within Creator God. Creator God is and must be
      Omnipotent. Additionally, since Creator God
      created the heavens, and there is no end to the
      heavens, and those heavens are within Creator
      God, then Creator God must be Infinite.

      If Creator God was in the beginning and Creator God
      is Infinite then it follows that Creator God is also
      Eternal and Ever-living. So, we know Creator God
      is Eternal, Infinite, Omnipresent, Immanent,
      Omnipotent, Omniscient and Creator God created
      all that exists. Everything is Creator God. Creator
      God is everything.

      We'll continue this discussion next week. In the
      meantime, have a great week.


      PS: LVX means Love and Light where Love is Divine
      Love and Light is Divine Knowledge.

      Gnostic News is a publication of Universal Seminary.
      Portions of this newsletter may be used for instructional
      purposes without further permission. For all other uses,
      please contact the author through this newsletter.
      Copyright 2003 by John Gilbert, all rights reserved.
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